Can Sleeping on a Bad Mattress Affect Your Body?

November 14, 2017

Research shows that despite spending almost a third of our lives in bed, we still haven’t got it quite right when it comes to shopping for a mattress. Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying that we don’t know the importance of getting a comfortable mattress. I know that you love the feel of using […]

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Are You Living a Healthy Lifestyle? 4 Tips to Improve Your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health

November 9, 2017

The media, doctors, and even our mothers seemingly all agree on one thing: living a healthy lifestyle is important. Nearly everywhere we go, we are admonished to adopt good habits.  Why exactly is it important, and what does it really take to live this way? Does it mean that you just need to perform a few exercises […]

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Book Review: Origin by Dan Brown

November 6, 2017

I have no idea why Dan Brown gets a bad rap sometimes in the literary world. I really enjoy his books. I appreciate the research and thought that goes into constructing the plots and bring to life the art and architecture. Plus, I love puzzles. Origin takes us to Spain, where we get a look […]

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4 Things Aspiring Bartenders Need to Know Now

October 30, 2017

So, you’re done with the 9-5 corporate job.  You want a more exciting career; one that has flexible hours, advancement opportunities, and pays you to have fun, talk with people, and enjoy your life. Bartending is a popular career choice, especially among those in their twenties.  However, while bartending is fun, all aspiring bartenders should […]

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Introvert Exhaustion

October 25, 2017

I've been gone a while.  I needed to do some major reprioritizing in my life. And I can't do that if I'm continuing to do all of the things I have decided I will do. So I left. But I'm back. I think. This is a long one so hang with me here. I like […]

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Make Your Own Canvas Light Project

October 20, 2017

  About The Author: Callum Mundine is the co-owner of a small family owned lighting design business L.E.D World in Australia. They specialise in LED Track Lighting and Art Gallery Lighting. In his spare time, he likes to create DIY projects (like this one) with his children. Making your own wall-art is the perfect way […]

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8 Essentials for the Modern Kitchen

October 17, 2017

It’s easy to be swayed and entranced by (quite literally) the shiny new tool for your kitchen. No matter where you look, there seems to be new must-have tools coming up every day. And yet, all that you need to create delicious, heartwarming and memorable meals can be boiled down to some standard, tried-and-true products. […]

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Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: Which is Best For You?

October 9, 2017

Thanksgiving once meant relaxing with friends and family around a big turkey dinner, but now includes waiting in line in the middle of the night for our favorite stores to open the doors for big sales. Black Friday is a booming business with Adobe Insights tracking that Black Friday hit $3.34 billion in 2016 alone. […]

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5 Creative Ice Breakers for Meeting In-Laws

September 25, 2017

Dress to impress, be polite and come with a gift are just some of the rules you should follow when meeting your future in-laws for the first time. But there’s more to meeting your intended’s parents than dressing up and playing nice. The first meeting should make a big impression, and a good one at […]

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7 Ways to Help Hurricane Victims

September 19, 2017

(Family Features) Natural disasters come in multiple forms and can quickly devastate many lives in a matter of moments. While they all can cause nightmares for those affected, few are as powerful and destructive as hurricanes. That’s why, when hurricanes make landfall and wreak havoc, help is immediately needed and accepted by the people and […]

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4 Steps to Take if Your Wallet Is Lost or Stolen

September 5, 2017

Your odds of losing your wallet are higher than you might think. An estimated one in ten people will lose their wallet over the next five years. If you do lose your wallet, your odds of having it returned are only about one in five, and the chances are one in two that your money […]

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Rock Doctor Granite Cleaning Supplies Review

August 30, 2017

If you are anything like me, cleaning your countertops isn’t your top priority every day. But, what if I told you that you could keep your countertops looking brand-spankin’ new in only a few minutes each day with Rock Doctor? Rock Doctor Granite Cleaner really changed the way that I clean my kitchen countertops, because […]

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Book Review: The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson

August 29, 2017

I love a good thriller. And The Kind Worth Killing was a thriller that did not disappoint. At the outset of the book this seems like an updated version of Strangers on a Train. Only the strangers meet on a plane, or more specifically in an airport bar. But this is defnitely not a reboot […]

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Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette Review

August 22, 2017

Whenever a new eyeshadow palette comes out, I spend a lot of time trying to decide if I will truly use the palette and want the palette before I buy it. In truth, I have enough eyeshadow to last me the rest of my life! So I try to be discerning when shopping for new […]

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How to Keep Your Kids Safe Around Water

August 21, 2017

Pools are a great way to increase your property value, stay cool during the hot summer months and have a great time with your family. But pools also are dangerous, especially for kids. It doesn't take much time or water for kids to drown or get hurt around the pool. To keep your kids safe, […]

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BOOK REVIEW: Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

August 18, 2017

This was one of those books I wasn't sure if I wanted to read or not, but I kept hearing about it and seeing it pop up everywhere, so I gave it a shot – and I can tell you that this turned into one of those books that changed the way I see the […]

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Tidy Back-to-School Organizing

August 17, 2017

(Family Features) With shopping that needs to be done and supplies that need to be gathered for busy days ahead, preparing for the back-to-school season can descend into near chaos for many parents. When long school days leave little time for organization and decluttering, any home can quickly become a mess. According to a survey […]

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5 Fun Ways to Promote Tween Confidence

August 16, 2017

(Family Features) Experts say a significant drop in self-esteem happens between ages 9-12. Instilling confidence in kids during these pivotal years can start with action-oriented activities that promote family time and conversation. "Simple tasks like doing a good deed for others, learning something new or accomplishing a goal, goes a long way in boosting self-esteem […]

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Make-Ahead Breakfasts for Busy School Days

August 15, 2017

(Family Features) When the school year rolls around, switching from pool to school means finding simpler ways to kick off the day with healthy and nutritious options. Preparing feel-good breakfasts can be as easy as picking and putting together the right ingredients, if you know where to buy them. At grocery stores like ALDI, parents […]

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How Deep Can You Go when Digging in Your Backyard?

August 8, 2017

There are so many zoning regulations involved in owning property, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the details on what you are allowed (and not allowed) to do on your own land. While having professional surveyors in (like One Search Locators, is a good first step, you still need to […]

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Answers on the Internet: 6 Free Online Learning Resources for Teens

August 4, 2017

In the informational age, there are online resources for nearly all aspects of your teen’s life, from academic studies and test prep to personal health, lifestyle and safety. As a parent, you should become acquainted with the online programs best suited for your teen’s needs. Learning-based websites will not only provide educational content, but they […]

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Answers on the Internet: 6 Free Online Learning Resources for Teens

August 4, 2017

  In the informational age, there are online resources for nearly all aspects of your teen’s life, from academic studies and test prep to personal health, lifestyle and safety. As a parent, you should become acquainted with the online programs best suited for your teen’s needs. Learning-based websites will not only provide educational content, but […]

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Smart Meals for Busy Families

August 3, 2017

(Family Features) Ease your way into a busy new school year with easy dishes you can prepare and serve in minutes. Time-saving and delicious dinners allow you to enjoy valuable family meals without sacrificing precious time in the kitchen. One smart way to pull together flavorful meals when you’re pinched for time is to keep […]

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Pan that Palette Update #7

August 1, 2017
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Fun, summer ‘jobs’ the kids might not hate

July 25, 2017

  As we’re well and truly in summer break now, you might be running out of ideas of things for the kids to do. A clever way of killing two birds with one stone is to suggest a job that’s cunningly disguised a fun activity! There may be varying levels of success with this tactic, […]

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What every woman wants from a man – the grown up version

July 19, 2017

I was browsing Pinterest for wedding ideas and ran across this graphic. And I felt an intense need to clarify completely rewrite it. While this list may have been relevant when I was about 13 or 14 years old, it just seems ridiculous and silly, for the most part, now. So, let's grow this up […]

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4 Tips for Buying a Home with Kids

July 12, 2017

Buying a home with kids means taking into consideration several different factors that may not affect homebuyers without children. A single person or empty nesters may not be concerned if the home is located within a certain school district or has master bedroom close to the other bedrooms. Families with children have their own set […]

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3 Must-Know Things About Baby Car Seat Safety

July 10, 2017

Before your baby was born, chances are good that you spent countless hours reading infant car seat reviews and choosing the best product. From finding the best car seats for small cars to nailing down the perfect jogging stroller, there is so much to consider. To get the most out of your car seat, it’s important that […]

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Expensive is relative

July 5, 2017

Guest post – A friend of mine asked me about my bracelet and remarked how beautiful it was. I thanked her and then immediately she asked me “how much was it?” I was a little surprised by her prying but I shouldn’t have been: we ask the price of things because we want to know […]

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Different types of yarn for knitting

June 29, 2017

Knitting is a great hobby that produces a tangible item that you can enjoy, or share with your loved ones. You can knit hats, socks, scarves, blankets, and just about anything you can imagine. This isn’t merely a hobby to produce scarves, knitting has documents positive effects on the body that is similar to meditation. […]

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Another palette tag – All about eyeshadow

June 29, 2017
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4 Ideas to Help Make Your Car More Baby-Friendly

June 28, 2017

No matter how much you prepare (or think you're prepared), welcoming a new baby into the world heightens your awareness about safety and comfort. In fact, you may even find yourself fixating on things you would've never previously given a second thought to. But, when it comes to safeguarding your car, there's plenty you can […]

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Tips for a Bug-Free Home, Inside & Outside

June 21, 2017

Each region, as well as each season, in the U.S. comes with its own unique traits, from the weather to the kinds of insects that come slinking out from under rocks and out of trees to make their way to your unsuspecting home. No season seems to bring as much strife as the summer. With […]

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Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation Review

June 16, 2017

CoverGirl has come out with another new foundation. And CoverGirl has really stepped up their game lately. I was dying to try this. See a full review of the foundation below.

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