10 Best Movie Narrators

April 29, 2010

in Lifestyle

1. Fight Club – I am Jack’s Medula Oblongata.

2. Shawshank Redemption – He really didn’t so it.

3. The Princess Bride – Is there kissing in this book?

4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Snarky. Just snarky.
ferris buellers day off Pictures, Images and Photos
5. A Christmas Story – He wanted that Red Rider BB gun.

6 Stand By Me – Classic.
stand by me Pictures, Images and Photos
7. The Thin Red Line – This isn’t a tremendously popular movie, but one of the great Vietnam war movies.

8. American Beauty – You never know when it will be the last day of your life.

9. A Clockwork Orange – Can we say anger management?
Clockwork orange Pictures, Images and Photos
10. Saving Private Ryan – Another powerful war movie.
Saving Private Ryan Pictures, Images and Photos

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