10 Signs You Should Unfriend Someone on Facebook

June 13, 2011

in Lifestyle

*Please note that all of these status updates came from my Facebook Newsfeed. If you recognize yourself even though I blacked out your name, I may have already unfriended you.

10. They message you for chat every time you log into Facebook. Stalk much?

9. They are your parents. Ok, some of us have really cool parents, but when you are an adult and your mom starts calling you to tell you something you posted on Facebook is inappropriate, it may be time to unfriend her. Unless it was inappropriate in which case you should be glad you have a mom who is trying to keep you from embarassing yourself. Case in point, check out Oh Crap, My Parents Joined Facebook.

8. He's your ex. I fully believe that people can, years later, be friends with an ex. However, if you are just checking to see if his life turned out as miserable as you hoped, or worse, you find things are quite the opposite – time to unfriend.

7. You were broken up with through a relationship status update. Ouch.

6. She thinks that everything about her new baby should be documented. EVERYTHING. Not just the cute stuff.

5. Status updates that are nothing but whining and complaining.

4. They are in loooooooooooove.

3. Drunk facebooking. With photos.

2. Negative comments on all of your status updates.

1. Justin Bieber.

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