3 Effective Ways to Get Kids More Involved in the Home

December 7, 2017

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When you were a kid, you probably had a list of chores you had to get done on a regular basis. From feeding the pets to mowing the lawn, you were expected to pitch in around the house.

Now that you have your own kids, you want them to be involved in their home and keeping it clean. But, just as your own parents probably had to remind over and over to turn off the TV and clean your room, you feel that you are turning into a nagging machine about chores.

Fortunately, getting your kids more involved in the home does not have to be a constant battle. Here are some tips and tricks to inspire kids of all ages to be willing participants in family projects and chores.

Boost their sense of ‘ownership’

One reason that kids may balk at doing work around the house is due to a lack of emotional connection to the home and its contents. To help alleviate this issue, involve them in projects that will boost their sense of being “house proud” and make them feel a part of what is going on.

A great place to start is by redoing their bedrooms. Let your kids know that you would like them to choose, within reason, what color/s to paint their walls, which wallpaper borders to buy and what new furniture to purchase. Take them shopping to check out various styles of furniture and page through interior design magazines with them looking for inspiration. Check out furniture websites together and let your kids select some new pieces. And if it has been some time since they have gotten new mattresses, you and your kiddos can shop for new mattresses online. Kids who have had a voice in how their rooms are decorated will feel more motivated to keep their bedrooms picked up and clean.

Challenge them

Let’s face it: washing the same dishes over and over or vacuuming the same rugs every week is boring. Up the chore ante by making the jobs more challenging. For example, if your son is required to help clean his guinea pig's cage, make it harder by asking him to do the entire job himself. If your daughter is balking at dusting the TV and bookcases, challenge her to complete the job in a short amount of time, and set a timer to keep her accountable. If your kids have been doing the same chores month after month, consider teaching them new and harder jobs. For example, instead of asking your son to vacuum twice a week, teach him to use the carpet and upholstery cleaner and have him shampoo the rugs once a month.

Tie chores into an allowance

If you have the room in the budget to give your kiddos an allowance, this can be an effective way to inspire them to be more involved in the home. Sit down with your kids and let them know that you will start an allowance program, but with certain caveats. Receiving the allowance will be linked to their ability to complete the chores in a timely fashion and without constant reminders from you. If your daughter has to be reminded more than once to feed your dogs, she will lose 50 cents. If your son completes his chores as he is expected to, he will receive the full allowance.

With time and patience, you will get there

If your kids really complain about doing chores, you probably won’t see immediate improvement overnight. But by getting them excited about re-doing their rooms, mixing up their chores a bit and adding in the incentive of earning real money for doing the work, you should find yourself nagging a lot less and praising their success more frequently.

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