4 Creative Ideas to Repurpose Old Stuff

February 9, 2015

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4 Creative Ideas to Repurpose Old Stuff

Guest Post By Millie Rainer

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Repurposing is a way of life for most of us DIY enthusiasts. And it’s a nice one at that.

Repurposing allows you to reuse old stuff, refrain from unnecessary buying and find new uses for things. This translates into a more creative, clutter free and economic lifestyle as well.

If you love DIY art and craft then there are enough and more ideas available on the Web to put old, broken and defective things we have at home into novel use.

Would you have ever imagined that your old and discarded bicycle could double up as an imposing night stand? Or an old piano can be a fountain?

If you need more inspiration here are some interesting ideas from around the Web.

1. Repurpose Glass Jars

Glass jars are great for storing food items. Unlike plastic, stored food products will not lose their flavor or aroma, and will remain fresh for long.

You will have glass jars that come with sauces, pickles and mayo in your home. If you are someone who often threw them away due to want of anything better to do with them this post will introduce you to new possibilities.

Make sure you use glass jars with screw on lids for this project.

If cleaning out your sticky jars is a problem, here is an easy and quick solution for you. Shred old newspapers and fill up the jar completely. Pour water till brim and let it sit for an hour or two. Empty the contents and rinse thoroughly. What you get are sparkling clean jars.

It is possible to personalize the lids with colors to match your décor. Lay out newspaper or butcher paper on your work bench. Use industrial-strength E-6000 craft glue or hot glue to attach wooden knobs on the center of the lids. Once they are dried and well-set spray paint the lid and the knob in a color of your choice.

They look great and serve well in your pantry. You can also use them to store candies, pet food, bathroom/office supplies and other knickknacks.

2. A New Lease of Life for the Crayons

If you are a mom to young kids you probably have a drawer full of broken Crayola at home. You cannot get the little ones to use them again, so why not give them a rainbow crayon that they will love to show off to their friends at school?

For this project you will need five different colors of crayons, clean steel or tin can (which you can throw after use) and empty pill bottles. If you do not have any at home, try getting few from your neighborhood pharmacy.

Boil two glasses of water in a pan. Peel off the wrappings of the crayons and break them into smaller pieces. Put the pieces of same color in the can and place them in the boiling water. You can stir them around with a Popsicle stick so that they do not stick and get lumpy. Once they have melted pour into the pill bottle.

Repeat the process for all the five colors. Ensure you pour the layers of melted crayon only after the earlier layer has set.

Also, instead of pill bottles you can use heart shaped molds for prettier versions.

If you love multi-colored candles all you need to do is place a wick in the center of the pill bottle (larger film canister may work better) and pour melted crayons around it. But for a functional candle you will have to have a greater proportion of wax. Mix melted crayons in different colors with molted wax and carry out the same procedure as mentioned above. You end up with beautiful rainbow candles that will be handy in times of power outage, and will look great on the mantle as well.

3. Classy Pet Feeding Station

If you have pets at home you obviously know how tough it is to maintain the pet feeding area. More often than not you have feeding bowls all over the house, and sometimes you have to go hunting for them as snack time approaches.

If you are looking for an inexpensive weekend project to pamper your pooch, this should please you. You can transform an old wooden dresser into a pet feeding station at a height that is suitable for your dog, and also has enough storage space for food bags and toys.

Browse through thrift stores and yard sales in your locality and find a dresser that will work for your project. Remove the central draws and save them for a later project and sand the dresser well.
Measure and cut out a piece of plywood that can be supported above the bottom drawer, and will fit in tight.

Now measure and cut out holes into which pet feeding bowls will fit snugly. Line the edges with rubber weather strips to prevent the bowls from slipping.

Paint the feeding station in a color of your choice and your brand new pet feeding station is ready.


4. Old Hangers Are Great for Storage

If you are a flip-flop girl, you must be having them in plenty, and as a result are short on storage space. Here is a simple and easy tutorial on how to go about solving that.

All you need are some old wire hangers from your closet. Choose ones that are firm and durable like the ones from Only Hangers.

Cut out the bottom section and roll up the loose ends so that the sharp ends do not stick out. Then twist them into a suitable shape with a trough on either side where you can hang each sandal.

Spray paint the hangers in a color of your choice. You can also decorate the head or the crown of the hanger with ribbons or glue-on bows.
Hang the hangers on a closet rod. You can also repurpose an old curtain rod between two shelf brackets to hang them. There, you have a beautifully organized and customized closet in no time.



Repurposing and reusing our stuff is the best thing we can do for our planet. It’s creatively satisfying, environmentally responsible and the end results look really cute as well.


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Lindsey Renuard is a blogger, YouTube beauty expert, and the Managing Editor of the Skiatook Journal.

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