4 Things Aspiring Bartenders Need to Know Now

October 30, 2017

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So, you’re done with the 9-5 corporate job.  You want a more exciting career; one that has flexible hours, advancement opportunities, and pays you to have fun, talk with people, and enjoy your life.

Bartending is a popular career choice, especially among those in their twenties.  However, while bartending is fun, all aspiring bartenders should know some essential things before jumping in.

What All First-Time Bartenders Must Know

1. You Might Need Training

Currently, there are no degree requirements to become a bartender in the United States.  However, you can receive vocational training to make yourself more competitive during the hiring process. 

This helps to educate you about what you will need to know about how to conduct yourself as a bartender, how to prepare a wide variety of drinks, and what regulations apply to the serving of alcohol in your city and state.

In addition, you might be required by your specific establishment to complete additional training in order to qualify for employment.  For instance, in Texas most establishments serving alcohol require TABC training as a way to ensure bartenders understand everything there is to know about serving alcohol.  

Additionally, since your TABC certification is only good for 2 years, you will need to continue your training while employed as a bartender.  This is easily achieved by taking an online TABC renewal course.

2. It’s a Serious Job

It may not seem like it, but bartending is a serious job.  You need to have a way with people, a dedication to customer service, an excellent memory, and of course experience dealing with money.

In addition, as a bartender it is your responsibility to be aware of your guests – what they are eating, how much alcohol has been consumed, and when they might need to be cut off.

3. You Need to Multitask

As a bartender, you will rarely have downtime.  In fact, chances are that most of your shift will be spent doing two or three things at a time.

For example, you need to grab the right glassware and tools for drink preparation, greet new customers, find out what drinks are being ordered, and collect payments – all at the same time.  And, if you make any mistakes, you risk losing customers and quite possibly your job.

4. You Must Cater to Your Guests

Every customer you tend to will have different needs.  And, if you want to be a good bartender that rakes in a lot of tips, you need to be aware of these differing needs and cater to them.

Some people want to grab a quick bite to eat and a drink or two.  Others want to sit and chat for hours with the drinks continually coming their way.  Moreover, some might want to involve you in their nightly activities by talking about their problems, flirting with you, or just having a casual conversation.

Despite the fact that bartending is a real life job with real responsibilities, it is good to know that it is still a fun job to have.  Being a bartender comes with an exciting work atmosphere.  So, while it’s crucial you take your job seriously and learn what you can to be successful, it is equally important to enjoy the non-corporate environment of bartending.  

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