4 Tips for Buying a Home with Kids

July 12, 2017

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Buying a home with kids means taking into consideration several different factors that may not affect homebuyers without children. A single person or empty nesters may not be concerned if the home is located within a certain school district or has master bedroom close to the other bedrooms. Families with children have their own set of concerns and must-haves when finding their dream home.

Size and Layout

Size does matter, especially when children will live in the home. While budget constraints can determine just how large a home is purchased, the size of the family influences the number of bedrooms and bathrooms needed as well as the overall square footage to accommodate comfortably the members of the household. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the median size of a single-family home new construction was 2,422 square feet.

Does your family need a home that size? It all depends. If you want a bedroom for each child as well as a guest room and/or space for a home office, you may need more square footage. However, it's just as important to consider layout. A home with good flow or an open concept but fewer square feet may actually feel larger and work better for a family than a house with a choppy or unusual floor plan.

With kids, consider the sight lines from the kitchen to the family or living room. Is the laundry room on the main floor or conveniently located on an upper level near the bedrooms? Can the kids share a bathroom, while the parents enjoy their own space via a master en suite? These are just a few questions to consider.


The functionality of the home's space refers to how well it works for your family's lifestyle. For example, are there ample outlets and charging stations located conveniently for various electronics? Does the laundry room accommodate your larger washer and dryer plus offer cabinet space and counter for folding?

For a family that likes to entertain, a large kitchen with center island and flow through to the dining room for more formal meals may be important. Because the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home, if it doesn't work for your family's lifestyle, then the home is not the right one. An open concept living area may offer better functionality for families with small children, while a family with teens may require a home a space for gaming, Friday night movies, and other fun.

Outdoor Living Space

An outdoor living space that includes a backyard often tops the list of must-haves for buyers with children. Look for a property that has enough space to accommodate the outdoor living your family enjoys. Do you need a large deck or patio for grilling or to set up an outdoor kitchen? Is a pool a must-have? When buying in a rural area, space for such activities is typically abundant. For some properties, especially in more urban areas, it may be difficult to find a sprawling backyard with space for a pool and for the kid the run around and play. This can mean looking in a different neighborhood or even city.

Location Matters

Location matters for most homebuyers, but it can be exceptionally important when you have school-age children. Parents.com suggests, "Check the availability and cost of nearby early-learning programs as well as the quality of the zoned public school. But don't stop there. Find out whether your kids would have access to a school bus and how long the ride takes."

If you plan to have your children walk to school, it's essential to check the route to and from the potential home. Five days a week the kids will have to travel this route, it needs to be safe.

Finding a child-friendly home that meets your family's needs can be a challenge. However, your dream home is out there and it will be easier to find once you've determine which features are most important and what's needed to make everyone in the family feel safe and happy.

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