4 Ways to Bring Your Look Alive in the New Year

February 20, 2014

in Beauty


A refreshed look spells confidence, vibrancy and a new attitude going into the New Year. While many of us yearn for a professional head-to-toe makeover, concentrating on just a few, do-it-yourself areas can offer big results for a rejuvenated look. Our tips will help you create a new look with a less-is-more approach by going for small changes that make a lasting impact.

1. Open up your eyes.

If you look up while smiling and make eye contact with those around you, it can help foster a greater sense of self-esteem. If your eyesight isn’t quite up to par or you’ve been wanting to ditch the eyeglasses for years because of feeling self-conscious, your gaze might be pointed in the wrong direction. Dedicate yourself to one more healthy habit this year—get your vision evaluated. Online resources such as Vision Direct can help you consider if contact lenses will help brighten up your eyes, smile and entire face. An added bonus of getting the correct vision prescription pinned down: Less wrinkles from squinting all of the time.

2. Makeup that brings out your natural look.

If you barely wear makeup now, ease into it by choosing glowing shades and colors that can amplify your natural features with the makeup philosophy, “A little goes a long way.”

  • Try an iridescent, pink-hued eye shadow that might double as a highlighter for the upper cheekbone.
  • Choose a light powder that mirrors your natural skin tone, which is flecked with a touch of bronzer to make your eyes come alive without having to layer a ton of product.

Not sure how to choose these products? Birchbox is a cool makeup subscription box that allows you to fill out personal details about yourself during the subscription process. The experts at the company can customize your box to include shades and types of lip crayons, eye pencils and blushes that may be best suited for your natural look.

3. Find the right moisturizer.

Think any old moisturizer will do? The experts at The Mayo Clinic suggest that discovering the right moisturizer now can help you look years younger if you’re willing to experiment a little. Cosmetic specialists like Sephora allow you to try sample packs before committing to full sizes to find the right moisturizer for your skin type. Remember to always choose a moisturizer that protects your skin from the sun.

4. Get energized.

A trend that will always outlast the test of time when it comes to bringing your look alive is getting energized through diet and exercise. You can pour your heart into creating a new look through cosmetics and accessories, but looking good on the outside comes down to how you treat your whole body health.

  • Whole foods such as avocados, pomegranates, nuts and blueberries can rev up your look because they’re packed with hydration boosters and antioxidants. They’ll also boost your energy reserves as a bonus.
  • Exercise routines such as yoga and Pilates that concentrate on core muscles help reduce inflammation that can cause dry skin and wrinkles over time. If you want to try one of these out before committing to a regular class schedule or you love exercising from home, try Yogaglo, an online class for people of all exercise levels.
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Lindsey Renuard is a blogger, YouTube beauty expert, and the Managing Editor of the Skiatook Journal.

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