4 Ways to Zen Your Home

December 21, 2013

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Inhale. Why is it that you feel a sense of stress when coming home after practicing yoga? Exhale. Maybe it has something to do with the clutter in the kitchen and the garish track lighting in the living room, neither of which replicate the calm and tranquil ambiance of the yoga studio. Or maybe it has something to do with the fact the walls are painted canary yellow, a splashy idea you borrowed from HGTV, but which now seems to make the living room pop in all the wrong ways. Your home may be your sanctuary, but it certainly doesn’t invoke the peaceful mood of a yoga studio. A little Zen and the art of home decor can fix that.

Clean, De-clutter, and “Om”

Photo by OlgerFallasPainting via Flickr

Don’t enter this project with the mindset that you’re going to transform your home into a Chinese garden, rather think practically and realistically. First things first, you need to clean, de-clutter and minimize a space. Peacefulness is closely aligned with order and structure, so if there are stacks of bills and magazines everywhere and jackets haphazardly tossed over the backs of chairs, it’s no wonder you’re feeling stressed. After you clean and de-clutter, pick out a warm color palette to paint the walls. Stick to soft earth tones; they are calming and serene. OM. You can feel the tranquility seeping in already, right?

Hang Meditative Images

Photo of a painting by Mark Rothko by JBYoder via Flickr

Hang a few meditative images around the room. Hand painted, fabric wall hangings will add additional warmth and texture to the space. At the same time, if you’re looking for something more unique and untraditional, decorate the room with a couple of prints by Mark Rothko. The artist was famous for his multiform, blurred blocks of color; the paintings are visually organic and seem to breathe life, which is the perfect vibe for replicating a yoga studio in your home.

Incorporate Natural Materials and Lighting

Photo by dobrych via Flickr

Find a way to incorporate natural materials like wood, bamboo and stone. A room with a hardwood floor is perfect and far less work than putting in an entirely new bamboo floor. If you want a bamboo element, however, then opt for a single piece of furniture. The room should have soft natural light; by outfitting woven wood shades in the windows the light will have a calming, ambient texture. A few hanging paper lanterns or LED candles will accentuate the lighting scheme.


Photo by mRio via Flickr

No yoga-inspired space is complete without the benefits of a water feature. Calming and aesthetically pleasing, water features come in all shapes and sizes; they can be pre-bought or custom designed. A hanging waterfall is perfect if you have limited space. On the other hand, and depending on the layout, either a simple, horizontal fountain or water steps may be a good decor choice. Chances are by adding a water feature to the room you will also be adding stone, as many indoor fountains and backsplashes are designed with natural materials.

Once the room is complete the only thing left do is add sensory elements. Light a scented candle or diffuse the room with a few drops of Lemongrass oil. You can breathe easy now. You’re at home, but it’s like you never left the yoga studio.

Article by Eddie Rice

Eddie started an indie record label in 2003. He loves every kind of music from dance pop to industrial to opera.

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