5 Creative Ice Breakers for Meeting In-Laws

September 25, 2017

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Dress to impress, be polite and come with a gift are just some of the rules you should follow when meeting your future in-laws for the first time. But there’s more to meeting your intended’s parents than dressing up and playing nice. The first meeting should make a big impression, and a good one at that. Don’t let this initial meeting fall flat. Here’s how you can best break the ice with your new in-laws. 

Try the Four Cs 

A great ice breaker option for an initial meeting, this quick and easy ice breaker can give participants an insight into a handful of categories that best represent each person. To play the Four Cs ask each person to name a color, cartoon character, car and cuisine that best describes his or her personality the best, and have them explain why. You can play this game at a coffee shop over lattes or in your living room while enjoying takeout, wherever you’re meeting up with your future in-laws.

Make Your Escape at an Escape Room

Not for the faint of heart, this ice breaker challenge will do just that — challenge all participants involved. Escape rooms require quick thinking and a sense of calm-headedness in order to successfully complete the task at hand — escaping. Escape rooms, like Kansas City’s Tick Tock Escape Games, use sound, technology and special effects that bring the game to life. During an ice breaker such as this, you will be required to work together with your new in-laws and you will likely learn a few new things about each other along the way to your escape.

Sing Karaoke 

A song choice can say a lot about a person. Not only will karaoke push everyone out of their comfort zone a little, this fun, musical icebreaker is guaranteed to give everyone involved a laugh or two. And you might find out that your father in law is a pretty great singer after all — long live the 80s.

Go All Out at an Obstacle Course

Take your ice breaker outdoors and complete an obstacle course with your in-laws. Consider breaking into teams, you with your fiance’s parents and vice versa. Great for adventurous couples, with adventurous parents, of course, this ice breaker will give you both the chance to strike up conversation with your new in-laws, make connections and work together to complete the obstacle course. An ice breaker like this is not for everyone. If your in-laws have any disabilities or if you think they have have a hard time navigating rope courses and other obstacles, be considerate, choose a less rigorous ice breaker activity. 

Spend Sunday Brunching 

Less formal than a dinner reservation, a Sunday brunch can bring everyone to the table in a comfortable, casual way, minus the stress of making a reservation. Gathering together is great, but come prepared to bridge those potential awkward silences. Consider going over a few conversation topics, avoiding touchy subjects like politics, with your fiance before your initial meeting. This way conversation will flow smoothly. And while you may be tempted to order a mimosa or brunch-time cocktail, limit your alcohol consumption to little or none on your first meeting with the in-laws. You’re looking to make a good first impression, after all.

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Lindsey Renuard is a blogger, YouTube beauty expert, and the Managing Editor of the Skiatook Journal.

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