5 Fashion and Beauty Tricks to Make it Through a Hot, Hot, Summer

June 26, 2014

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5 Fashion and Beauty Tricks to Make it Through a Hot, Hot, Summer

Oh, sweet summertime. It’s a season made for sippin’ on iced tea, lounging by the pool and soaking up the sun. Just like the season, summer fashion can be fun and flirty—think shimmering nails, flowing maxi dresses and effortless hair. Here are some ways to stay casual and cool during the hot summer months.

Think Fancy Ponytail

Cosmopolitan reminds us that long hair can feel hot and heavy on long summer days. Instead of pulling it back and securing it with a generic scrunchie, try a layered ponytail. Just divide your long hair into three sections. Secure the top part with a tie or scrunchie, and then attach the second and then third section of hair. The result is a really cool ponytail, both literally and figuratively.

Think Contacts

Contacts can dry out and become irritated during the cold months of the year, so take advantage of the summer season and pop in your lenses. If your eye doctor gives you the green light to say goodbye to your glasses and show off your gorgeous eyes with easy-to-wear contact lenses, there are plenty of brands that are budget-friendly and do not have to be changed daily. The AirOptix brand of contacts from can remain in the eye for up to four weeks. To stretch your budget even more, consider buying your contacts online, and search for coupon code promotions from sites like Vision Direct. Wearing your contacts in the summer will event prevent against harmful UV damage.

Think Glitter

When it comes to feeling upbeat, sparkly and gorgeous, nothing beats a good dose of glitter. Nail designs are a fun way of showing off your personal style. If you’re a DIY’er and don’t mind painting your own fingertips, check out the selection of glittery 3D nail polishes Sephora offers. The polishes come in a variety of colors, including summertime favorites like teal and silver.

Photo by Romina Campos via Wikimedia Commons

Think Low Heels

If you love the classic look of low pumps, Elle notes that the look is back in style this summer. The shoe style that was famous back in the 1980s is available from a variety of retailers, and you don’t even have to spend hundreds of dollars to wear this attractive and comfortable heel. Zappos has an incredible selection of Nine West pumps like the “Margot” style which comes in a gorgeous and summery light pink, as well as white and red. As a bonus—they are just $79 a pair.

Think Maxi

There’s a good reason we love our maxi dresses—they look great, they flatter the figure, they are comfortable on warm days and they come in a variety of colors and patterns. Okay, that’s four reasons, but it just helps to make the point that the maxi dress is a terrific go-to piece for warm summer days. Coral pink or mint green maxi combined with strappy sandals and glittery toes will be perfect for running errands on a summer day.

coral free people maxi dress with white bag and shoes

Photo by Maegan Tintari via Flickr

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