5 Smart Cooking Gadgets for Healthier Eating

March 13, 2017

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Cooking at home provides plenty of benefits, like the ability to control the ingredients you use and the chance to portion out your meal perfectly. However, it can also be a less healthy habit than eating out depending on your techniques and ingredients. A study carried out by researchers at Rush University discovered that the more time middle-aged women spent whipping up meals at home, the more likely they were to develop metabolic syndrome, which increases the risk for diabetes and heart disease. Factors such as baking more sweet desserts, using more oils and fats like butter and consuming larger portions because of the effort that went into cooking the meal may all contribute to these risks.

If you want to make sure your home cooking efforts don't sabotage your goals for a healthy lifestyle, there are plenty of home cooking gadgets that connect your cooking with a focus on health. Here are five tools to help you stay on track.

Get Your Fruits and Veggies

Juicing allows you to get several servings of fruits and vegetables in one easy-to-drink glass. Consuming fibrous veggies in juice form is often easier on the digestive track and feel-good nutrients are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. To really get the maximum benefits of juicing, cold-pressed is the way to go, since blades that spin quickly and heat up can decrease the amount of nutrients you take in. The Juicero cold-pressed juicer uses an app that helps you connect to a weekly subscription of juicing ingredients. The app also shows you what nutrients you're consuming and where the ingredients are sourced from.

Analyze Every Element

Tellspec is an innovative food scanner that allows the user to scan any type of food and see data regarding calories, nutrients, ingredients and more. The device is set to be released later this year, but models that allow users to start gathering data and gain access to what has been uploaded are currently being shipped. If you're a part of this data-gathering group, you get free access to information for a lifetime, which helps you avoid an annual service fee in the future, and you have the unique opportunity to shape the product. Other calorie counting applications for smartphones include MyFitnessPal and FitBit.

Forgo Frying

To get the most nutritional value out of your food, besides eating it raw, steaming is the best option. Boiling can zap nutrient counts, while sautéing or frying means you'll be using oil or butter to coat your ingredients. The Heaven Fresh NaturoPure Digital Food Steamer allows you to cook entire meals at once by steaming them, with different compartments for various ingredients. The one-touch digital display ensures every meal component is efficiently steamed to perfection, no matter what types of proteins or veggies you load into it.

Nail Nutritious Cooking

If you still feel like a novice in the kitchen, the Hello Egg is a virtual kitchen assistant that keeps you motivated to stir, chop, whisk and bake healthy recipes and improve your cooking skills. The Hello Egg plans for you based on your family's dietary requirements, then creates shopping lists (and organizes home delivery, if you like) before coaching you step by step through the cooking process with video recipes controlled by voice command. An app companion visually displays recipes, too. Using a smartphone that is water-resistant, like the Samsung Galaxy S7 while you're cooking ensures any splashes or spills don't pose a threat to your device.

Shop Smart

Keep your kitchen humming with a smart refrigerator that helps you shop smart as you take control of the ingredients you have on hand. The Samsung Family Hub has three built-in cameras that take photos of what is in your refrigerator whenever the door closes. You can access these photos on your smartphone from anywhere, in case you don't remember if you have enough milk or eggs to complete a recipe, for example. You can also access apps on the screen that can help you while cooking, or even play music.

When cooking at home, it can be easy to slip into not-so-healthy habits for you and your family. With the tech listed above, you can get some smart and connected sous chef assistants to make your kitchen one that's focused on healthy habits.

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