6 Incredible Gift Ideas for Your Doting Mom under $20

February 7, 2017

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You’re the luckiest in the world if you have an affectionate mom, and there’s no way she can be thanked enough for being the reason of your existence. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Presenting her with thoughtful gifts is the best way to show her how much she means to you.

Don’t look into the wallet, you don’t need hundreds of dollars to buy her a gift. You see, that’s the thing about mothers, they don’t need expensive commodities! Even a single flower from you can make her day.

Want to gift your mom something special even though you’re under a tight budget? You’ll be surprised to know how many gift options are available under $20 to express your love.

Here are some exclusive options to select from:

1.    The Personalized Approach

Nothing speaks of your emotions better than personalized gifts. They’re exclusive, thoughtful, and remind your mother of you every time she looks at them. The good thing is that personalized gifts are easily available with quite a good number of options under $20. Whether it’s a bespoke keychain with your photo, a monogrammed diary, or a coffee mug with a special message for her, she’ll love unwrapping a gift customized by you just for her. Hit the Internet and check out a few amazing personalized gift options for mothers.

2.    Think about Her Den – the Kitchen

If she spends a lot of her time in the kitchen, gifting her a thoughtful present to help her in the scullery makes complete sense. The happy hostess of your life needs the right tools to cook amazing dishes for you. Try kitchenware for her. You can find amazing options in the kitchen appliances section within $20. Further, giving her a book with sumptuous, easy-to-cook recipes is a great way of helping her with planning the weekly menu. Even a personalized apron with a cute message will bring a smile on her face every time she wears it.


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3.    Something for Your Net-Savvy Mom

Electronic gadgets and accessories are year-round buys and always needed. Believe it or not, there are numerous tech accessories to buy under $20 for your mom. These inexpensive accessories assist in making her day-to-day computing easier. Whether it is to charge multiple devices at the same time or to keep her stuff uncluttered and safe, a few small accessories can make a huge difference.  Consider gifting her a Bluetooth keyboard that allows her to work on her tablet easily, or a portable power bank ensuring her phone never goes out-of-charge. Browse a little and you’ll find great technology gift options for her.

4.    Refresh Her Memories

Every moment spent with your mom is a moment to cherish, and some priceless flashes can let her know that she means the world to you. Gifting a collage of such utterly nostalgic moments or a personalized photo frame with her delightful picture will make her day every time she looks at it. Custom photo albums that narrate a story through some great pictures or just random clicks of the entire family will come within $20 and still be exceptional.

5.    Add to Her Hobby of Home Decor

A hobby common to every mom relates to decorating her home. Gift her something that adds beauty to her household. Her home is where her heart lies and gifting a piece that accentuates the splendor of her home can never go wrong. From garden accessories, decorative candles, and pretty wall decors to table linen and decorative vases, the options are innumerable. Be creative, choose the colors and patterns she likes and suit your home as well. Moms love it when you care about how the house looks.

6.    The Gift of Time

A little of your time is what her heart yearns for. She’ll be okay if you can’t take her to a fancy dinner because a late-night coffee date with your mom is enough to lift her spirit for days. A mother devotes her entire life to her family. The least we can do is give her some of our time. If you can’t bridge the distance for now, give her a bit of ‘me’ time with herself. Book her a spa or a parlor session that allows her to pamper herself for a while.


Your mother is the one who teaches you the act of giving selflessly. She never waits for an occasion to do something special for you, and you shouldn’t either. The gift of love doesn’t come with a price tag. Think no more, anything you gift her will make your mother happy because you matter to her the most and there’s nobody quite like mom.

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