6 Signs That You Might Be Wearing The Wrong Type of Bra

March 14, 2015

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 Let’s talk about bras. They can be surprisingly tricky things. If you’ve never really taken time to investigate and understand your breast type, or if you’ve never really hunted for a comfortable fit, then you might want to read along.


It’s easy to wind up with an improperly fitted bra, it isn’t easy to wear one. Besides being uncomfortable, the wrong bra can have a negative effect on the rest of your wardrobe. Dresses and shirts hang differently depending on undergarments, and can wind up looking funny if they’re draped over the wrong item.


Fortunately, if you are wearing the wrong bra, there’s plenty of help. Often, realizing you need it is the difficult step. We’ll cover a few common signs that you’ve wound up with a misfit. If you find yourself ticking off any of these items, then it may be time to start shopping around for new support.


Band Out of Place


A large portion of bra problems, and some of the most uncomfortable, are caused by going a size smaller than you should. An extremely high percentage of women, some studies have suggested as high as 80%, wind up with the wrong size, and if you’ve erred on the size of small, that can be a pretty unpleasant experience.


A center band that ride sup the back is one of the tell-tale signs that you’re due for a re-sizing. Also, if you’re down to fastening on the smallest hook, then that also should have you thinking replacement. Sure, it still technically fits, but maybe not by enough to keep you comfortable.


Cups Misaligned


The way the top of your bra’s cup lies can also be a red flag. Cups should comfortably rest against breasts. If they’re cutting in and causing some spillage or dimpling, you may want to think about jumping up a size. Loose enough to leave a visible gap, or for the cups to wrinkle a bit? Start shopping for something a tad tighter.


Floating Gore


A bit of bra anatomy: you’ll find a center gore at the dead center of your bra, where it connects the two cups. If you’re wearing a properly sized undergarment, that gore will sit comfortably against your breastbone. If you’re not wearing the right size, you’ll instead notice it “floating”, or being stretched just a little bit out in front of your chest. If that’s the case, then you’re likely sitting a little large in the cups, and stretching out the front of your bra. Jumping a size up is the best way to fix the problem.


Slippery Straps


Straps are often the best telltales for bra width. Everyone has differently shaped shoulders, and we sometimes get so focused on making sure bras fit our breasts that we forget about the rest of our uppoer bodies. Even if your cups are picture-perfect, you might still be dealing with straps that dig in or fall off a little too easily.


If that’s the case, then you’re dealing with a problem of width. Keep your cup size, but look for a bra that’s either narrower (straps falling off) or wider (straps digging in) to keep your shoulders comfy.


Out of Place Underwire


If you’re noticing particular trouble with underwire bras, size could again be your enemy. Properly sized wires will support the bottom contour of your breast, supporting them where they attach to your body. If they’re riding up and actually resting on your breast, then you may be dealing with undersized cups.




Here’s the obvious one, but one that we all too often miss. If you’re uncomfortable, and you can’t figure out why, it might just be your bra. It’s not just wilder options, like sheer lace bras – even a simple, seemingly reliable underwire can make for a miserable day. So don’t try to tough out pain caused by a misfit bra. Head in for a sizing, it’s a night and day difference.












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Lindsey Renuard is a blogger, YouTube beauty expert, and the Managing Editor of the Skiatook Journal.

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