7 Ways to Monitor Your Kids

November 3, 2014

in Lifestyle

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You pay the cost to be the boss, so you deserve the right to know what your children are doing when their hands are tapping away at the screens of their favorite electronic devices. But there’s only one problem: he or she may using these gadgets when you’re not around and you may not have the time to retrieve them on a consistent basis to take a peek at what they’ve been up to.

Here are some ways that help keep you in the loop:

Monitor Tech Usage

1. My Mobile Watchdog

Concerned about your child’s cell phone activity? Put you mind at ease with the My Mobile Watchdog app, which allows you to activate parental controls so you can remain vigilant over your child’s usage at all time. Some of the unique features include remote message and call log viewing, website and app blocking and time restriction capabilities.

2. Ignore No More

Tired of your calls being completely overlooked or sent to voicemail when attempting to reach your children? Put an end to your frustration once and for all with the Ignore No More app, which allows you to completely lock down their Android smartphone so they cannot send or receive texts nor make phone calls until they reach out to you or 911. And if they ever want to use the phone again, they’ll have to ask you for the password.

3. Net Nanny

With its filtering capabilities, this app will hinder your children from accessing inappropriate websites. Net Nanny also has a control panel, which allow parents to limit access to select apps or receive notifications regarding usage activity and downloads.

4. Screen Time Parental Control

Only available to Android users, Screen Time Parental Control is the ultimate time manager for parents of children who desire to spend extend amounts of time on their smartphone or tablet. Not only can you set daily time limits, but you can also restrict usage during certain windows throughout the day and block select apps from being downloaded onto the device.

Monitor Identity

5. Lifelock

App usage, social media activity and driving patterns aren’t the only factors you have to be concerned about as a parent. Identity theft is another item that should be at the top of the list because children are the optimal target for fraudsters, as they have a clean credit slate. And most parents don’t think to analyze their children’s credit profile since it shouldn’t be accessed until they can start applying for credit. Fortunately, LifeLock is available to minimize the chances of your child being victimized so they won’t have to unravel a web of lies to clean up their identity later in life when credit matters most.

Monitor Driving

6. Canary

The safety of the newest driver in your home is paramount, so put your mind at ease with this teen safety app. If he or she decides to engage in dangerous behavior, such as texting, calling or using social media while driving, you will be notified immediately.

7. Mama Bear

With this parenting app, called Mama Bear, you will always be well aware of your child’s social media activity, whereabouts and attempts at breaking the law, such as exceeding the preset speed limit you program on their device.

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