8 Things I Said to My Kids this Week Other Parents Didn’t Say

January 24, 2014

in Confessions

Legos don’t make good bookmarks.

When we buy a new house we can’t build an underground fort.

Not my house. Not my house.

When we buy a house we can’t knock down a wall just because we can.

Replacing your head with a bowling ball is a bad idea.

You can not eat peas in bed.

I don’t think being born will ever be against the law.

I have no idea if zombies poop or not.

Yes, I can help you fight the Wall of Flesh.



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Wesley Rice January 27, 2014 at 1:23 pm

Actually, I’m pretty sure I’ve said the one about the peas. Not sure if I said that before or after she got it stuck up her nose.

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