How To Achieve a Rustic Country Look In Your Bedroom

May 18, 2014

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rustic country bedroom

Whether you live in a picturesque countryside cottage or a chic townhouse in the city, you can enjoy a rustic and rural feel by decorating your bedroom in a country style. A country inspired bedroom can have a cozy, inviting look that makes rustic bedrooms a welcoming sight at the end of a long day. Creating this fashionable theme in your bedroom is simple; just try not to go overboard on the frills – you don’t want your bedroom to end up looking like a replica of your Grandmothers bedroom, do you?

If you keep the farmhouse look sleek and simple while including some key pieces that radiate rustic charm, you’ll end up with a beautiful, comfortable and on-trend bedroom that has bags of country appeal. To guide you through the steps you can take to create the perfect country inspired bedroom, this article will look at 5 essential items you need for a romantic, country-style bedroom getaway:

1. Color Scheme

Color schemes allow you to personalize and customize your bedroom to suit your personality and style, and the color scheme of your country inspired bedroom is essential to the rustic theme. To create a quaint country feel select soft, traditional shades, such as duck egg blues, butter yellows and pale mints. If you feel that pastel colors are too feminine, muted shades, such as coffees and grays also work well with the rural theme.

2. Bed Frame

Your bed isn’t just the most comfortable place to relax in the house *who doesn’t love their bed?* but it’s the centerpiece of your bedroom, therefore, choosing the right bed frame is paramount if you want to create the perfect farmhouse look for your room. Country bedrooms commonly feature antique or vintage inspired bed frames, and white iron framed beds are an ideal option! However, If you’d prefer a warmer look opt for a chunky wooden bed frame – this will add bundles of snug rustic charm to your delightful bedroom.

3. Fabrics

Fabrics, bedsheets, vintage throws and the plumpest of pillows are key components of any country inspired bedroom. For the chosen color of your rustic bed spread opt for simple, crisp white cotton sheets, this will act as a base color for your farmhouse inspired pillows and throws. Create the perfect rural bedding with printed scatter cushions; you can find bold prints in a variety of colors, from light blues, reds, purples and greens so find the perfect pillows to complement your chosen color scheme. In addition, add layers and texture with a chunky knit throws, placed at the end of your sumptuous bed, this creates the essence of luxury, comfort and farmhouse charm.

4. Trinkets and Accessories

Trinkets and accessories are essential items for creating a warm and homely country feel in your bedroom. Use distressed wooden picture frames to add country essence and a personal touch with family photos; display them proudly, even if you are pulling a ridiculous face in the picture – if you’re anything like me you find it impossible to smile nicely when someone points a camera in your face.

You might want to display a range of empty antique perfume bottles on your vanity desk, dresser or shelves. Additionally, delicately decorate your windows, door handles or cupboards with rattan hanging hearts – I must warn, I have an addiction to heart shaped accessories, much to the dismay of my boyfriend! However, delicate accessories add extra country charm and warmth. If you’re feeling daring and if you’d like to utilize larger accessories, you can skip traditional bedside tables and use a stack of vintage suitcases as a quirky, country side table to place your vintage alarm clock, candles and bedside lamp on – perfect country chic!

5. Fresh Flowers

Finally, add the finishing touches to your rustic country inspired bedroom with a bright bunch of fresh flowers. Display your flowers in a vintage water jug flower pot; instantly bringing the countryside into your bedroom whilst adding vibrant color and the feel of nature.

With these 5 simple steps you can complete the rustic, country inspired look in your bedroom. Now all you need to do is choose your color scheme, pick your favorite farmhouse accessories and get going!

This article was written by Danielle Bagworth, an expert in the field of interior design. For ultimate sleep comfort she recommends Silentnight Mattresses.

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