Answers on the Internet: 6 Free Online Learning Resources for Teens

August 4, 2017

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In the informational age, there are online resources for nearly all aspects of your teen’s life, from academic studies and test prep to personal health, lifestyle and safety. As a parent, you should become acquainted with the online programs best suited for your teen’s needs. Learning-based websites will not only provide educational content, but they can help your teen understand how to use resources to be a self-sufficient problem solver. Here are some of the best free learning resources for your teenager:

Academic Subjects

Before you dole out money for a tutor, introduce your teenager to academic websites that promote unconventional and in-depth learning opportunities. There are a number of learning tools and resources geared toward specific subjects. For math, Khan Academy is a tried-and-true site that has video tutorials, quizzes, and worksheet exercises for various math topics and categories. The videos are separated by grade level and mathematical topics, which makes it easy to navigate and find the area in which your teen struggles the most.

If your teen is in a foreign language class, DuoLingo is a helpful learning tool that will give them the opportunity for extra practice for language acquisition of Spanish, French and more. Each lesson–available through DuoLingo’s smartphone app– includes challenges that engage users in speaking, listening, finding translations and taking multiple choice quizzes.

One of the most entertaining online resources for the Humanities and Science is Crash Course produced by John Greene. John Greene is a renowned Young Adult author, who has created an informative YouTube channel that offers quick-paced educational content paired with vivid, artistic visuals. Crash Course’s collection of videos will help your teen develop an interest in what they study and it can give them more relatable, memorable background knowledge to bolster their in-school learning.


At 16, your teen will be at the age where they get to engage in a pinnacle rite of passage: earning a driver’s license. Your teen can study for the test by using, which is like an interactive DMV handbook. The site offers 11 car-related tests that let your teens practice their knowledge of road signs, fines and limits, nuanced traffic situations and other rules of the road. Each test has 40 multiple choice or true-false questions that will thoroughly test how ready your teen is for the actual DMV permit exam. Your teen can practice their test on the go with's smartphone app, DMV Genie. When your teen is ready for their test, provides a checklist of what they’ll need to bring with them and help them find the closest DMV location.


Your teen’s education about their physical and mental health is crucial for their development into health-conscious adults. Your teen can learn about the dangers of drug and alcohol addiction through the National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens, which publishes informative articles on advanced addiction science. This resource will help your teen understand the serious consequences of drug use — through information backed up by scientific studies and facts — which will encourage sobriety and a drug-free lifestyle.

In The Know Zone is another health-based resource that goes beyond substance abuse topics, also covering sexual health and mental health. Adolescent development is a tumultuous time where your teen is more likely to engage in exploratory and sometimes reckless behaviors prompted by their cognitive development, hormones and psychological state. In The Know Zone helps your teen find answers to complicated health questions and learn how they can understand and regulate their extreme emotions, thoughts and impulses.

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