Book Review – Island Beneath the Sea by Isabel Allende

October 14, 2013

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island beneath the sea

I have been a fan of Isabel Allende ever since I was introduced to her my Freshman year in college. Island Beneath the Sea is another story that you can’t help but take to heart.

Zarite is a slave in Santo Domingo, the island that will become Haiti, in the late 18th century. The story follows her and her master, Valmorian from their lives in Santo Domingo to their lives in New Orleans, where they flee after the 1791 slave revolt.

Allende is exceptionally talented at creating characters and telling stories. There is always an element of heartbreak in her stories. In this case the lives of the slaves, which you will understand probably better than you ever wanted to, and the cruelty of the time will tear at your heart.

Historically and politically the book is accurate from how plantations were run to slave revolts and even Napolean.

But Allende has the ability to transcend the blood of history and the scars of politics. You will love the characters in the story. From Zarite to Rosette, her daughter, to Violette, a free mulatto and courtesan, and even the in denial, cruel Valmorian. You will want to follow their every step. You weep when they weep and dance when they dance.

I highly recommend reading Island Beneath the Sea as well as anything else by Isabel Allende.

5 star rating


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