BOOK REVIEW: Letters to Love

December 23, 2013

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letters to love

Letters to love is written by one of my favorite people on this planet, Missy Nicholas. Missy is one of the warmest, most uplifting people you will ever meet. Her book reflects her heart, which is generous, kind, and full of love.

It really isn’t possible for me to give a completely unbiased review of this book because of my friendship with Missy, but I will do my best!

Letters to Love chronicles the journey Missy went through to find the love of her life. She goes through struggles with loneliness, anger, crises of faith. And she waits.

And waits.

And waits some more.

And not always patiently.

And then, there he is. The love of her life.

But the thing I adore about this book is that he doesn’t come riding in like a knight in shining armor. It isn’t bells and whistles and impromptu musical numbers.

The love in this case develops slowly. She doubts. She resists. She over thinks. She falls in love.

And it isn’t perfect. Marriage isn’t easy. Life isn’t always rosy. It is real.

Throughout the entire story, Missy always keeps God close to her heart and refuses to settle or change.

Letters to Love is an inspiring story for any woman that you know.


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