Book Review: The American Heiress

January 16, 2013

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The American Heiress

If you love anything about turn of the English aristocracy or rich Americans, you will adore this book.

Cora Cash is the wealthiest heiress in America, and as the book opens, she is thinking about marriage. There are several things I love about Cora. She isn't trying to be "better" than her friends. She isn't trying to rise above her money. She is simply a beautiful rich girl looking for love, pretty dresses, shimmering jewels, and a fancy party. And she isn't blond!

Cora and her family travel abroad to try to find Cora a titled husband and Cora literally falls into Ivo, the Duke of Wareham's backyard.

What follows is two love stories. One is the love story of Cora and Ivo, who really don't know anything about each other. The other is of Bertha and Jim, both servants in the house. Both love stories are unexpected and very real. There is a level of intimacy with the characters that makes you want to hold onto them long after the story is over.

I highly recommend this descriptive, engrossing novel! You get all the fun and lavishness of American "old money" with the stuffiness and manners of the English Aristocracy.

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