Book Review: The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty

January 21, 2014

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the chaperone

I adore this book.

The Chaperone is Cora’s story. When Cora is 36 years old, she accompanies Louise Brooks, who will soon be a silent film star to New York for a summer in the 1920s. Louise is determined to push the limits and embrace what is new instead of what is “proper.”

But the story isn’t about Louise. The story is about Cora. And how that summer with Louise changed the entire course of Cora’s life. And leads Cora to question herself that some of the things she has considered to be improper may be just what people need.

The Chaperone is a love story, but it is even more so the story of a woman who starts from nothing and becomes a strong woman who leaves a mark on the world.

The story is well written and keeps you entertained throughout. I couldn’t put it down!


Rating System0 stars – terrible
1 star – not that great
2 stars – skip it
3 stars – enjoyable
4 stars – amazing
5 stars – life changing


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