Book Review – The Fault in Our Stars

April 30, 2013

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This is a cancer book.


And not just any cancer book, a book about cancer and teenagers and love.

A book about the unfairness that exists in life.

And the beauty.

Hazel is the main character of this story and if you read other reviews, yes, she is overly wise for being only 16 years old. A lot of the reviews I read took issue with that. But this book never promises to be a complete depiction of reality. If oyu can suspend your disbelief that a 16 year old girl can understand the world beyond her years, even cancer ridden make you wiser years, then you will really enjoy this book.

I scarfed in down in two days and I have no time to read!

If you let yourself be swept away you will swoon over one legged Agustus and revile the author they so adore who refuses to be any kind of nice.

You will cry.

You will probably get mad.

You will cry some more.

You will want to fall in love. Or stay in love.

Beyond a beautiful love story unencumbered by reality, John Greene says some great things about literature in general. Namely about what happens to the characters in a novel once the novel has ended.

I highly recommend this story, but only if you need a good cry.

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