Book Review: The Night Circus (GIVEAWAY)

August 23, 2012

in Books

Not since Harry Potter have I been immersed in such a magical world or taken on such an incredible journey.

The circus arrives without warning. It opens at sundown and closes at sunrise. What goes on beneath the tents of the circus are things that are seemingly only possible in an adeptly intelligent imagination. It combines the things we love as children with the things we love as adults. And time seems to stop both in the circus and for the reader.

As a circus, this one is unusual. It is the stage for a complicated contest, one in which neither contestant knows the rules, their competitor, or the deciding factors to conclude the contest. As the circus grows, moves, changes, evolves, the competition is being played out in every tent stripe, every bonfire, every decision each player makes.

The detailed descriptions are breathtaking but allow plenty of room for you to fill in the spaces.

This book is a must read. No, it is an experience you must have.

I love this book so much I am giving away two copies. Enter below.


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