Breastfeeding War Gets New Fuel from Military Moms

May 31, 2012

in Lifestyle

I can not for the life of me figure out WHY breastfeeding is so dang controversial. Time Magazine brought the Mommy Wars to the forefront a few weeks ago with their controversial attachment parenting cover.

Now the Mommy Wars are focused on Military Moms. Really? Does it matter if you breast feed wearing an military uniform? What about a chef's apron? A judge's robe? These women are not only serving our country, they are raising children. We should be applauding them and not attacking them.

What disgusts me the most about this current discussion is that breastfeeding was compared to deficating or urinating in public while in uniform. WHATEVER!!! Take your back woods hilly billy holier than thou attitude and walk off a cliff.

These Mommy Wars have got to stop.

The puritanical feeling about breastfeeding have got to stop.