Brownie Ice Cream Cake

August 17, 2013

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Brownie Ice Cream Cake

This yummy desert is a great way to beat the Oklahoma heat using products from the Made in Oklahoma Coalition.

·       One package Shawnee Mills Fudge Brownie Mix
·       One-half gallon Hiland Dairy Real Vanilla Ice Cream, softened
·       One cup hot fudge topping
·       Toppings: maraschino cherries, candy sprinkles, miniature chocolate chips
1.      Prepare brownies according to package directions.
2.      Bake in a well-greased, nine-inch round cake pan. Once baked, let cool completely.
3.      Spread softened ice cream over brownies. Freeze for two hours or until the ice cream is firm.
4.      Top with desired toppings. Cut into pieces, and serve. Store, covered, in the freezer.

Made in Oklahoma

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