Why Budget-Friendly Homebuilders Are Going with Concrete

January 26, 2017

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Log homes, cape cods, colonial style homes… The kind of homes one could build literally falls under a never-ending list. While beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, the aesthetic outlook of a home is not the only feature a home owner should be focusing on. With the financial health of economies and the housing market looming ever so often, the amount of money being pumped into building a home needs urgent consideration as well. The common misunderstanding, however, is that quality is compromised when the wallet is tight. This is where making informed choices comes in handy.

Energy efficient

Concrete homes are often made using a system known as Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) where concrete is poured into insulating agents such as panels. This system that is being adopted when constructing this style of homes allows for the overall household to save on energy and heating costs.

Homes built using concrete require an average of 25% less energy in both warm and cool climates as compared to other forms of housing. Although architects may warn that the construction of concrete houses may be a little higher, it is only but an initial concern since cost-savings are made on a literal day-to-day basis where one gets to save a significant amount of money on extensive heating in harsh winters and air-conditioning in warmer times.

Weather resistant

Storms and hurricanes with high wind speeds and strengths are always a concern for home owners, especially if the region is prone to such natural calamities. However, owners of a concrete home can set their hearts at considerable ease knowing that concrete walls are proven to be able to easily manage wind code requirements of even 146mph.

In the event of such natural disasters, homes built out of concrete can be counted on to stand sturdy while providing reliable shelter to the family for a significant time period. As compared to wood homes which often offer little to no protection in such times, a concrete house is more than just a budget-friendly option.

Low maintenance costs

Over the long run, maintaining the quality and livability of a household takes both effort and money. Cleaning and maintaining the outlook and interiors of a house is not an easy task nor is it avoidable. This being said, one other benefit of a home built using concrete is how lowthe maintenance costs can be expected to be from time to time. Mold, fungus and even insects are known to be common household problems that often are not easy to resolve. Houston Ready Mix never has any issues with continued home maintenance. This concrete expert enjoys the stability of providing materials which ensure durable, long-lasting homes.

Having said this, a great cost saving of a concrete home is the virtual non-existence of such problems due to the very nature of concrete itself. This strong composite material does not allow for mold or fungus to grow and does not attract or encourage the breeding of insects such as termites. Spending large sums of money to engage the services of pest busters or extensive cleaning up of the house will no longer be a concern should one own a house made of concrete. In fact, here are a few tips on how to make your house a home.

Less expensive insurance policy

Housing insurance policy is something home owners always fear and shun. The premiums on these policies are no simple sum and can skyrocket based on the kind of house built, the neighborhood, susceptibility to natural disasters and especially fire. This is where concrete steps in to seal a lower premium on housing insurance policies.

It may not be known to all but it is a given fact that concrete is fire resistant, making it not only a budget-friendly material to build a home out of but also a safe one. Due to this characteristic of the material, the premiums on a housing insurance policy fall significantly. Coupled with the other benefits of concrete housing such as protection from pests and natural disasters, the home insurance can be potentially bought at an even cheaper amount, much to the delight of future home owners on a budget.

Concrete is where it’s at

Every home owner has a vision of how his or her ideal home should be and what look it should entail. While this may be the case, it is not necessarily a given to sacrifice the aesthetic component of a home when operating under a budget. Houses built out of concrete just look like any other regular house down the street but offer various pluses as mentioned above.

Concrete is merely the structural material that forms the development of the building but can be adapted to suit the tastes and preferences of home owners, all but for a much cheaper sum as compared to a similar style of home but built out of a different material. Concrete homes can offer affordability to future home owners on a budget but more than this, are also capable of introducing comfort and safety.

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