Save time with fast meals

June 15, 2014

Warm weather provides a great opportunity to slow down and savor time spent having fun in the great outdoors. But time spent away from home often leads to meals made on the fly or last-minute jaunts to a nearby fast-food restaurant. Though last-minute meals or trips to the local burger joint might be convenient, they […]

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Tips for perfectly grilled vegetables

June 7, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 2.40.59 PM

One of the highlights of the summer season is the incredible bounty of fresh produce, and grilling these vegetables gives them a smoky, delicious dimension. Chef BBQ Naz, a grilling expert from Broil King, shares some simple tips for flavor perfection. * When preparing vegetables, slice them to expose as much of the vegetable to […]

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Homemade Dulce de Leche Ice Cream

June 6, 2014
dulce de leche

Ice cream is synonymous with summer, when rising temperatures and vacations from school and work call for some refreshing celebration. Those who want to experiment with homemade ice cream may want to consider the following recipe for “Dulce de Leche Ice Cream” from Lou Seibert Pappas’ “Ice Creams and Sorbets” (Chronicle Books). Dulce de Leche […]

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Quinoa Tabouli

May 30, 2014
quinoa tabouli

Tabouli is typically made with bulgar or cracked wheat. That’s just not readily available where I shop so I tried it out with quinoa.

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Pressed Watermelon With Basil Water

May 23, 2014
Pressed Watermelon With Basil Water

Few foods are as synonymous with a particular season as watermelon is with summer. For many people, a backyard barbecue or picnic in the park is not complete without a refreshing slice of fresh watermelon. But while watermelon is most often associated with dessert at warm weather soirees, this beloved fruit is much more versatile […]

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Balsamic Chicken and Veggies – Diabetic Friendly Recipe

April 10, 2014
Greek Chicken and Veggies

This is a super simple recipe that got rave reviews at my house. Ingredients: 1lb chicken thighs or breasts 1 small onion 1 medium yellow bell pepper 1/4 cup sliced Kalamata olives 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar salt and pepper Directions: 1. Marinate the chicken overnight or all day or for at least several hours in […]

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Sausage Broccoli Manicotti

March 25, 2014
photo by Taste of Home

This recipe takes a little time, but it worth the extra effort. It’s from Taste of Home with some adjustments. Ingredients: 1 package manicotti shells 16oz fat free cottage cheese 3 cups fresh, chopped broccoli 2 cups shredded mozarella cheese, divided 1/2 cup shredded parmesan cheese 1 egg 2t basil 2t oregano 3t minced onion […]

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Saucy Thai Pork

March 21, 2014
Saucy Thai Pork

This is a recipe I found on and made a couple of small adjustments to. Ingredients 1/2 cup skim milk 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon Thai-style seasoning blend 1 pound boneless pork loin 3 teaspoons olive oil 1 14.4 – ounce package frozen sweet pepper stir-fry vegetables, thawed and well drained 1 1/3 […]

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Spinach Lasagna Rolls

March 11, 2014
Spinach Lasagna Rolls

I have seen several recipes for spinach lasagna rolls so I read a bunch and came up with this recipe. I love lasagna and I love healthy! Ingredients 10 lasagna noodles, cooked and dried 1 package frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained 15oz ricotta cheese (low fat, fat-free, or regular) 1/2 cup of grated Parmesan […]

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Spicy Chicken Spaghetti

March 5, 2014

We tried this recipe from Kraft this past week. Ingredients 3/4 lb.  spaghetti, uncooked 1 lb.  boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite-size pieces 3/4 lb.  (12 oz.) VELVEETA, cut into 1/2-inch cubes 1 can  (10-3/4 oz.) 98%-fat-free condensed cream of chicken soup 1 can  (10 oz.) RO*TEL Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies, undrained 1 can  (4 oz.) mushroom pieces and stems, drained 1/3 cup  milk […]

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Book Review: The Longevity Kitchen: Satisfying, Big-Flavor Recipes Featuring the Top 16 Age-Busting Power Foods

February 25, 2014

Many of us want to live a long and vibrant life. Food is one of the most important tools. However, the science of eating has become more complicated than ever. Rebecca Katz, culinary nutrition pioneer and wellness authority, has provided us with a helpful and flavorful solution. In The Longevity Kitchen: Satisfying, Big-Flavor Recipes Featuring […]

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3 Ways Millennials are Transforming the Kitchen

February 6, 2014

Today’s kitchen doesn’t have a butter churner, ice box or washboard. Instead, stainless steel appliances network with your smartphones and your tablet has a place of honor as a digital cookbook. Multi-tasking tools also help keep your kitchen space requirements down to a minimum, as is often required for millennials starting their lives out in […]

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Strawberry Smoothie for Diabetics

January 31, 2014
strawberry smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to add in some fruits and veggies to your diet. They are fantastic post-workout. However, when you are diabetic, you have to be careful. Most smoothies have a lot of sugar and carbs. A small Strawberries Wild from Jamba Juice has 63 carbs, 56 of which are sugar! To make […]

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Black Forrest Roulade

January 16, 2014
black forrest roulade

Black Forrest Roulade Serves 8-10 1 teaspoon sunflower oil, for oiling 6 ounces semisweet chocolate 2 to 3 tablespoons kirsch or cognac 5 eggs 1 cup superfine sugar 2 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar, sifted Filling 11/2 cups heavy cream 1 tablespoon kirsch or cognac 12 ounces fresh black cherries, pitted, or 14 ounces canned sour cherries, […]

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Snow Ice Cream and Chocolate Snow Ice Cream Recipes

January 7, 2014
snow ice cream

If you have never made snow ice cream, it is super easy and can be made with ingredients you probably already have on hand. Snow Ice Cream 5-6 heaping cups of clean snow1 cup milk 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 t vanilla Mix milk, sugar, and vanilla together. Get snow. Slowly pour milk mix into snow […]

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The Daniel Fast

January 6, 2014
the daniel fast

Last year I spent the first 21 days of the new year fasting. Specifically, I did the Daniel Fast. And it was amazing. Spending 21 days with God will give you a relationship with Him that you didn’t know could exist. There are many ways to fast for the first 21 days of the year […]

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Smoky Red Beans and Rice

January 4, 2014
smokey red beans rice

This transforms the traditional red beans and rice into an amazing side dish. Ingredients: ·         One pound dried small red beans ·         Four strips Bar-S Thick Sliced Bacon ·         One-half yellow onion, chopped ·         One-half green bell pepper, chopped ·         One pound J.C. Potter Hot Sausage ·         One-half teaspoon Head Country All-Purpose Championship Seasoning ·         […]

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Antipasto Meatball Skewers

January 3, 2014
Antipasto Meatball Skewers

This is a great holiday appetizer. It makes about 15 regular-size skewers but you double serving size by cutting skewers in half. Ingredients: ·         One-half package Fast Fixin Fully Cooked Italian Style Meatballs ·         One-half pound Mountain View Meat Company hot links ·         Three tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil ·         One tablespoon Garden Club Apple Cider […]

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Top 10 Reader Favorites of 2013

December 31, 2013
peppermint bark

This was a great year for Dishwater Dreams and I thank you for coming by as often as you do to check out what is going on in my little world! These are the top 10 reader favorites from the blog this year. #10 – Peppermint Bark Recipe #9 – Chili’s Cinnamon Apples recipe #8 […]

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Loaded Breakfast Burrito

December 27, 2013
loaded breakfast burrito

These Loaded Breakfast Burritos serve two purposes – they work great as funky appetizers and will freeze well for a quick breakfast.  Ingredients: ·         Eight Country Cousin Pork Sausage Patties ·         Five slices Bar-S Fully Cooked Bacon ·         One dozen eggs ·         One-half cup Hiland Sour Cream ·         One teaspoon chili powder ·         One-half teaspoon ground cumin ·         One-half teaspoon garlic salt […]

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Festive Pepper Jelly Spread

December 5, 2013
festive pepper jelly spread

Be the talk of the holiday party by making this unique spread part of your signature appetizer.  Ingredients: ·         Eight ounces cream cheese, softened ·         Eight ounces goat cheese ·         Eight slices Bar-S Bacon, cooked and crumbled ·         One jar Suan’s Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jelly  Preparation: 1.      Combine goat cheese and cream cheese, mixing until thoroughly combined. 2.      Fold in bacon. […]

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Soft and Fluffy Christmas Cookies

December 3, 2013
Soft and Fluffy Christmas Cookies

These classic cookies taste better than anything you’ll find in a bakery, and as a bonus, they are fun to make!  Ingredients: ·         One cup granulated sugar ·         One cup powdered sugar ·         One cup Hiland Unsalted Butter ·         One cup shortening ·         Two eggs ·         One teaspoon Griffin’s Vanilla ·         Four and one-half cups Shawnee Mills All-Purpose Flour ·         Three-fourths teaspoon salt   […]

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Cooking with Campbell’s – Stove Top Chicken Casserole

December 2, 2013
stove top chicken casserole

Kids’ tastes in food are one of life’s great mysteries. At my house, I can take the exact same ingredients that my kids ate yesterday, but combine them in a different way, and they won’t eat it. Sound like your house too? You are in luck! Picky eaters have finally met their match! With the […]

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Homemade Applesauce

November 19, 2013
Homemade applesauce

Christopher requested that I make homemade applesauce this week. It’s actually pretty easy and tastes a whole lot better than anything store bought. Fall is also the perfect time to make applesauce because I love the fall apples! For this recipe I used a combination of honey crisp and jonagold apples. Half and half. First, […]

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Sausage-Egg Biscuit Casserole

November 17, 2013
sausage-egg bisquit casserole

Ingredients: ·       One (6-ounce) package Shawnee Mills Buttermilk Biscuit Mix ·       One cup Hiland milk, divided ·       One-half teaspoon fresh rosemary, chopped fine ·       One tablespoon fresh flat-leaf parsley, chopped ·       Six sausage patties from one bag of frozen Country Cousin Pork Sausage Patties ·       One cup shredded cheddar cheese or jack cheese ·       Six […]

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Gluten-free doesn’t mean grain-free

November 5, 2013
Bread group

Many people are adopting gluten-free diets for a variety of reasons. I’m not eliminating gluten from my diet, but I am decreasing the amount of gluten that I eat. While such a diet means passing on foods that contain wheat protein, such as certain breads, crusts and baked goods, it doesn’t mean giving up on […]

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Cook ahead of the holidays to save time

November 4, 2013
cook ahead of the holidays to save time

Holiday hosts and hostesses may want to put a storage freezer on their wish list this year. Having the ability to prepare meals in advance and store them easily for later use could prove invaluable — especially for those who are opening their homes for the holidays. Food and celebrations are unequivocally intertwined. While presents […]

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Stock Your Pantry with These Healthy Staples

November 2, 2013
healthy pantry

When hunger pangs arrive and you head to the kitchen to prepare a meal or a snack, it helps to have healthy foods on hand so that you can fill up without filling out your clothes. Sugary or fattening foods may be popular snacks, but consuming too many of these items can cause health implications, […]

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Uses for Leftover Halloween Candy

November 1, 2013
leftover halloween candy

Halloween is certainly known for the spooky decorations that adorn homes and for the creative costumes children put on to canvas the neighborhood. But for many youngsters, Halloween is all about the candy. In just a few hours, trick-or-treaters can accumulate a substantial amount of assorted chocolates, confections and other sweet treats. Once everyone has […]

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Make Your Favorite Recipes Healthier

October 25, 2013
make recipes healthier

A healthy diet plays a significant role in a person’s overall health. Without a healthy diet, men and women are more susceptible to disease and other potentially harmful ailments. But when many people think of a healthy diet, a lack of flavor is often one of the first things to come to mind. That’s a […]

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Sausage & Macaroni Bake

October 21, 2013
sausage & macroni bake

This is an easy weeknight meal that doesn’t take much time or prep. Ingredients: 1 lb Sweet Italian Sausage 2 8oz cans tomato sauce 1 cup uncooked elbow macaroni1/4 cup chopped onion 1 red bell pepper, chopped 2 T oregano 1 cup water 2 t garlic powder 1t pepper 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese 1/4 cup […]

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Chili’s Cinnamon Apples

October 10, 2013
chilis cinnamon apples

One of my favorite side dishes at Chili’s is the cinnamon apples. I adore cinnamon. It is the greatest spice ever invented next to garlic. I set out to try to recreate their recipe in an extremely healthy way so that I could trick my kids into eating a good helping of fruit. This recipe […]

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Please Vote for Christopher!

October 9, 2013

Christopher has entered his video Deviled Chicken & Rice in the Ben’s Beginner’s Cooking Contest. I am begging you to go vote. Literally begging. You can vote once a day! If he wins he gets $15,000 which will go towards his college education, a $30,000 cafeteria makeover for his school, and get to appear on […]

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Kids Cooking with Christopher – Deviled Chicken & Rice

October 8, 2013

Christopher is back with a recipe for Deviled Chicken & Rice! Ingredients: 4 chicken leg quarters1/4 cup butter, melted 1 T lemon juice 1 T mustard 1 t salt 1/2 t cayenne pepper 1/4 t pepper brown rice

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Pumpkin Coffee Cake with Maple Glaze

October 7, 2013
pumpkin coffee cake with maple glaze

Make this next treat as a coffee cake for breakfast or brunch, or serve it after dinner with coffee and freshly whipped cream with a dash of cinnamon. Ingredients: ·         One (15-ounce) can pumpkin puree ·         One-third cup Hiland Sour Cream ·         One tablespoon Griffin’s vanilla ·         Two eggs ·         Two teaspoons pumpkin pie spice […]

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One-Dish Spaghetti and Meatballs

October 5, 2013
one dish spaghetti and meatballs

This fabulous spaghetti and meatballs entree is baked with cream cheese, sour cream and cottage cheese for a delicious one-dish dinner. Ingredients: ·         Eight ounces spaghetti ·         One pound JC Potter Italian Style Sausage ·         Two cloves garlic, chopped ·         One (28-ounce) jar spaghetti sauce ·         One cup Hiland Small Curd Cottage Cheese ·         One-fourth […]

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