Why Choose Wall Cladding? A Look at Design Options

April 24, 2017

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Making your choices for exterior wall cladding or siding is usually determined by factors like insulation, durability or cost. But you shouldn't forget the simple aesthetic and design benefits that come with various kinds of cladding either. If you’re interested in many a visual statement with your home siding, click this link to find out more about your options.

Color Choices

One of the first design aspect to your cladding choices is going to be color.  Choosing a natural brick or stone cladding will keep your palette options pretty limited, but wood siding would give you the full spectrum of colors to choose from in terms of paint colors. A more natural approach with stain can still leave you with many color shades as many manufacturers now offer stain in less natural colors like blue, green or even purple.

Thinking vinyl or other manufactured cladding material? Again, you can pick colors to your heart's content. The main difference between vinyl and wood is that you can just repaint a wood clad wall when you tire of the color. Having a certain color of vinyl installed is less easy to change up later on.


Now, we're not really talking about structural durability at this point but rather the way a cladding choice can wear and fade in terms of how it looks. Any kind of siding will fade over time, so there is no way to completely avoid this. Paint can be the worst, and some kinds of vinyl will also lose their color after a few years. Natural stone or brick can be a better choice if you want an option that is more stable when it comes to color.

Remember though that even if paint fades more than other cladding types, it's also the easiest to change, refresh or touch-up.


A little less obvious is the texture that good exterior cladding brings to your house. Vinyl or other manufactured siding can be smooth but can also have a faux wood or stone texture to it, and natural brick and stone are the best choices if you want to add the visual appeal of a rough and rustic surface.

Wood is variable this way. Standard wood board siding being rather smooth, and using shingles or shakes can change it up for a different look.

Decorative Elements

Regardless of the specific type of cladding you end up going with, don't forget that you can create more exterior decorative appeal with many little extras too. Wrought-iron railings are classic colored window shutters are a couple of examples of other outside items that are attractive and can be installed to compliment your cladding choices.

So once you've figured out the more practical aspects to your siding project, you should spend a little time thinking about the design aspects as well. You are creating a whole new look for your house when you replace the cladding, so make it fantastic.



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