Choosing one-piece toilets or two-piece toilets for your bathroom

April 26, 2017

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Looking for ideas to buy a new toilet for your home? Buying new items for your household needs a lot of consideration, mostly because what you buy is going to last in your home for a long time. So buying a toilet is also a matter that should be given more thought than we usually do.

One of the first things that should be considered when buying a toilet is its overall design. And when it comes to the design of a toilet, there are two main types to consider, namely one-piece toilets and two-piece toilets. Although these two are similar in function, there are certain differences that can make one type top the other. Let’s weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of the two types, considering the main aspects.

Design and Style

The first thing everyone looks at in any item before a purchase is its style. One-piece toilets and two-piece toilets as the names say differentiate in the number of pieces they are made of. While the latter is the old fashioned toilet with the tank and bowl as separate units, the former is a new design which is created by fusing the bowl and tank together as one unit. Since the one-piece design is a change from the old two-piece design you see everywhere, it sure can give a more modern look to your bathroom.


One of the most important factors that should be considered in the one-piece vs. two-piece toilet battle is the size. Size is a factor that is dependent on the design of the toilet and therefore dual flush toilets are quite smaller in size than its competitor. Since the bowl and the tank are fused to form a solid unit, the space taken by it is lesser than when the two units are separate as in the two-piece toilets. So if you have a smaller than average bathroom, the best choice for you will be the single piece toilet.

On a side note, high efficiency toilets are considered more suitable for children and disabled people as well in addition to being a suitable option for adults, than the two pieces toilet. This is because the former has a closer positioning to the ground which makes sitting and reaching for the handle to flush, easier. But this is not the case in its competitor because of its bigger size and is therefore more suitable for adults.


Cleaning a toilet can be a tiring task. Therefore we all look for the equipment and accessories that are easiest to be cleaned.

A siphonic one piece toilet emerge as the clear winner in this aspect again because of the way it’s designed and structured. Since the toilet is a single unit there are no gaps or areas which are hard to reach and clean. And the closer proximity to the ground makes all the parts of it much easier to reach. But toilets with two pieces with their two unit design have areas which may not come within the reach of your hands to be cleaned properly. And bacteria and dust accumulation in these areas is quite common.


Whatever the type of toilet you buy, it needs to be installed properly inside your bathroom. And the effort taken for the task of installation also varies with the toilet you purchase. Since double pieces toilets require the installation of the tank and bowl separately, dealing with it will be a bit harder than dealing with the installation of single flush toilets. The one important factor to remember while installing a two-piece design is to be careful not to crack the porcelain when attaching the tank to the bowl.

But on the other hand since the single piece toilet is quite bulkier and heavier than the other, carrying and installing it can be not as easy as you think. So the installation might become a hard task to be done by a single person.


Something you buy for your home usually stays there forever or until you decide to replace it. So the durability is a must for home equipment. Manufacturing quality is one of the main factors that determines durability. Therefore durability depends on all the sub factors, type of ceramic used for the physical build, the method of manufacturing, the type of pipes used, the shape of the toilet etc.

When these factors are disregarded, the durability of interior of the toilet such as the flushing system, regardless of being single or dual piece is quite the same. But when taken externally, two-piece toilets tend to be less durable than water saving toilets. Because the presence of two units can cause leaks between the two units leading to the cause of cracks. More exposure of pipes and inner parts to the outside may also cause them to be less protected from external harm. But these issues are not present in the single piece design because the system is a single unit which has a very low exposure of its interior to the outside. So again the one piece is a better choice when considered in terms of durability. 


The last but not least, price is a factor that is not neglected by us when buying goods for home. So what do you think is more expensive? As you may have already guessed one piece toilets due to its solid structure and the modern feel is more expensive than the two-piece toilets. But there are certain pros and cons of both of these when the cost factor is considered. Although expensive, the durability of the one piece may cause a lesser possibility of a replacement than the other. Therefore even if the price is high, it may be worth the cost in the long run. But when doing a replacement, a malfunction in a single part of the toilet will cause the need for a full replacement but in the two-piece toilet, you have the ability of replacing only the damaged part, bowl or the tank.

As you can see, both the types have advantages of their own but they tends to lean more towards one-piece toilets as they have more favorable factors than the other. All in all it all comes to your personal choice in the end, since you will be the one using it ultimately. So think wise and take a decision considering all the factors discussed and also your personal preference.

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