Commercial Concrete Floors: Functional and Beautiful

February 7, 2018

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When you walk into an upscale retail store, restaurant or office building, one of the first things that often makes an impression on you is the gleaming floor. You marvel at the intricate colors and the smooth, glossy finish.

Surely it’s not marble? It looks like marble! But does anyone really shell out hard-earned cash for commercial marble floors these days?

Money-smart people would not, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wow your clients and customers with the extravagant look and feel of marble and other glamorous flooring materials. The fact that such a floor is really concrete is a secret you can keep to yourself!

Why Choose Commercial Concrete Floors?

Why should you choose a commercial concrete floor when you could have tile or linoleum instead? There are plenty of benefits associated with using concrete as a flooring option:

  • Concrete is affordable. In fact, tile, linoleum, vinyl, hardwood and carpet are often placed over top of a concrete base in commercial settings, so why go to the extra expense? Let that concrete base layer be your final floor as well. Not only do you need to purchase fewer materials, but you’ll also save in terms of labor cost.
  • Concrete helps regulate the temperature of the building. Thanks to small pockets of air inside the concrete, this building material has insulative properties, helping a building stay cool in summer and warm in winter. You can even have heating elements installed just below the surface of the concrete to make sure your clients stay nice and toasty … which is perfect if you are operating a spa, medical facility or even a business for pets, like a boarding kennel.
  • Concrete is easy to clean and needs minimal repairs. When installed by professionals who take precautions to prevent cracking, concrete floors will look beautiful for years. And if hairline cracks do occur over time, they are easy to patch. Concrete floors used in heavy-duty commercial settings, like warehouse or factory floors, may sustain more damage from heavy loads and spills. However, its durability and ease of repair still cannot be beat.
  • Concrete is fully customizable. If you’re less concerned about beauty and more concerned about the safety of your warehouse or factory crew, concrete can easily be scored to provide traction. Guide lines can be painted onto concrete without a problem. But if impressive decoration is the aim of the game, concrete can deliver. Colored powder can be integrated into the concrete mix to provide uniform, permanent and chip-free hues. The concrete can be polished to have a shiny finish, and yet sealed with a product that provides traction.

    Even more impressive is the process of stamping concrete, which allows this affordable, durable and easy-to-maintain material to look exactly like its more expensive, more fragile and more damage-prone counterparts without any of that excess hassle. So when you want to give the appearance of elegance and wealth without actually spending the associated money, stamped, decorative concrete can give you a beautiful commercial floor.

    What’s more, you can commission a completely unique design to be embedded in the concrete. For example, your company logo can become a seamless part of the floor in the lobby of your office building, or intricate designs can add character to the floor of your restaurant.

In short, whatever vision you have in mind for your commercial floor, concrete offers a solution. For best results, hire a turn-key company like Tex Con Construction so that the entire process can be handled from start to finish by the same team, ensuring quality and adherence to a schedule.

Commercial concrete construction projects all look a little different, and yours is sure to be as unique as you and your business. Choose a team that can fully support your vision!

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Lindsey Renuard is a blogger, YouTube beauty expert, and the Managing Editor of the Skiatook Journal.

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