September 11, 2012

in Confessions

I know that most of us will never forget September 11, 2001. There are just some events you don't forget. Even 11 years later.

I remember where I was when I heard the news. I was at work. I went downstairs to get a Dr. Pepper and saw smoke on the TV and a bunch of people standing around staring. Not talking. Just staring. Some were crying. Most were just staring. What can you do but stare? It is impossible to process the impact in a few seconds or minutes. It took hours, days, months before the full impact hit us.

For those of us in Oklahoma, the images were hauntingly familiar.

I was in high school when the Oklahoma City Federal Building was bombed. I was in the band room when I found out. I remember just sinking to the floor and sitting, staring.

It occurred to me today that neither of these events happened in my children's lives. They live in a world where the Twin Towers have always been a memorial. Timothy McVeigh has never been alive.

When my children think of the US Military, they see men in desert camo, not jungle camo. They have friends whose moms and dads have been in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I hope and pray that their history doesn't have events that make them stop and stare.