How to conquer the kid toy clutter

June 22, 2014

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Too much household clutter is not only unsightly but also can contribute to a stressful environment. Children’s toys are often key contributors to homes overrun with clutter, but with a growing family and birthday and holiday gifts streaming in, it can be challenging for parents to tame toy-related clutter.

Parents who have hosted play dates know that once the fun ends their youngsters’ rooms often appear overrun with toys. Kids have a funny knack of taking out every toy they own without putting their toys away. But with a few tips, anyone can conquer the clutter created by toys.

* Take stock of what you have. Taking inventory helps to determine which toys can ultimately be donated or discarded. Look for duplicates, similar items, broken toys, and items that are seldom used.

* Start to organize. When you have everything laid out in clear view, start to divide and conquer. Create groups in which to sort the toys. Dolls should be in one pile, building blocks in another and so on. Figure out a system that works for your family. You may find that active, sports-related items can be moved to the garage, while board games and books may be moved to a family room or a community closet in the house to free up more space in playrooms. Seasonal toys can be stored away in an attic or basement until they are needed.

* Create accessible storage. Toys should be stored where kids can easily access them. Clear bins are great for storage, and such bins come in a variety of sizes. Construct cubbies in the playroom where these bins can be kept. Be sure they are nearly ground level and not too heavy so that children can easily get to their toys come play time.

* Construct or buy a toy chest. A toy chest can house larger toys and act as a receptacle for fast cleanup when kids need to tidy up before company arrives. Such chests are good for storing larger cars and trucks or the hordes of stuffed animals kids accumulate.

* Shelving gets things off the floor. Display collectibles that cannot be damaged on shelves. This makes sure they are still on display but not in jeopardy of being mishandled by curious youngsters.

* Donate toys kids no longer use. It can be a tough job, but children should work with you to thin out their toy collections. Designate a certain portion of items that need to go. Bring them to a consignment shop or donate them to kids in need.

Organizing youngsters’ toy collections can be a difficult job, but such organization is essential to keep a tidy home.

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