Cover Girl Eyeshadows Review

June 25, 2014

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I picked up three of the new Cover Girl Eye Enhancers 4-Kit Shadows at CVS. Check out the haul for everything else I got too. They were $5.99 each.

I was really hoping these would be great drugstore eyeshadows because the colors were really pretty.

The first quad is Fairy Tale. All of the shades have just a hint of shimmer.

Cover Girl Fairy Tale

Cover Girl Fairy Tale

You can see that they are crumbly from the photo after I swatched each color.

Cover Girl Fairy Tale

It takes a lot of product to get the pigmentation to show. I really had to dig into it to get these swatches to show enough to get a photo.

Gold Mine

Cover Girl Gold Mine

Again, the colors are really pretty and they go well with the other shadows in the quad.  All of the shades in this quad have a hint of shimmer as well.

Cover Girl Gold Mine

Cover Girl Gold Mine

The pigmentation on this one is terrible. They barely show up at all. The green is so light it doesn’t even look green. This green swatch has about 10 passes with the applicator and it still isn’t really visable.

Drama Eyes

Cover Girl Drama Eyes

The hint of shimmer in all of the colors is in this quad as well. This turned out to be the best of the three. It didn’t take nearly as much product to see the pigmentation and it also didn’t crumble as much, probably because I wasn’t having to really dig in to get some color.

IMG_3682 Cover Girl Drama Eyes

It seems that these quads are really hit and miss. There is no difference in the quads except for colors. They are all the same brand, collection, and finish.

They do have great staying power though. I used my Hard Candy eye primer and the color that I was able to get stayed for my 12 hour day.

I give these a C. If you see a color combo you really like, the price is low enough to try it out.


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