Book Review: Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison

April 14, 2015

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Dead Witch Walking

Dead Witch Walking is the first book in a series of 13 books about The Hollows. Rachel Morgan is a witch and a bounty hunter. Her roomate Ivy is a living vampire. They live in a church with Jenks, a pixie, and his entire large brood of kids.

I have already read several books in this series before, but I never finished it. And I love the characters so I wanted to reread the entire series.

The premise of the books is that most humans were killed off by a virus created by biochemists and found in tomatoes. Since the Interlanders, witches, vampires, werewolves, fairies, pixies, and the like realized there were just as many of them as humans, they came out, so to speak. The Turn.

Rachel is a hoot. She has a defiantly independent streak a mile long.

While slightly campy at times, the characters are fun, the plot keeps you turning pages, and you won’t want to put the book down. At the same time, you don’t need a literature degree to follow along. An easy, fun read.

I am going to read the whole series. I haven’t decided yet if I will post reviews on books individually or just do a summation at certain points. Let me know in the comments which you prefer!

3 Stars

0 stars – terrible
1 star – skip it
2 stars – ok
3 stars – enjoyable
4 stars – amazing
5 stars – life changing

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