Decorative Concrete Solutions for your New Home

February 5, 2018

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Concrete is normally just relegated to the humdrum jobs of holding buildings together, or acting as a building material in itself for a structure which needs to be particularly sturdy and efficient – with function placed much higher than form. What many people don’t realise is that concrete is capable of much more than the simple tasks we use it for – concrete can be a decorative material in its own right, rather than simply being used to hood buildings up. Concrete can be used to give buildings a completely new look, without having to change any of the fundamentals of the overall structure.

While many people don’t realise just how much can be done with concrete, fortunately, the internet provides answers. Decorative concrete is available in many different styles and makes, so it is important to pick the right one.

Acid Stain

This is the most popular method of concrete decorating, and is possibly the most attractive use of the material which we have. Acid staining is easy to apply, and also easily maintained, as it works with the existing buildings and walls that it is being applied to, rather than working against them in any capacity. Smoothing concrete onto an existing form is much easier than fundamentally trying to alter it in any way, and acid staining does not try to alter anything other than to give it a new finish. The stain has a limited colour pallet available to it, but the finish it gives is smooth and glossy, and is particularly popular with art galleries and cafes for the reflective surface it gives. Acid staining is a way of showing off how beautiful concrete can be.

Trowel On

This is less common than acid staining, but also a fairly popular method of using concrete for decoration. The technique is to first pour regular concrete down, and then trowel some Decorative Concrete WA over the top. Because there is regular concrete underneath, this decorative concrete is very strong, so it is popular with people who want unusual driveways or floor panels which receive a lot of traffic. Trowel on concrete is available in a huge variety of colours, and this means that many people use it for their various decorating needs.

Stamped Overlays

Stamped overlays allow concrete to be made to look like other forms of building materials, such as bricks or stone, which makes it useful for people who either have an existing concrete feature, or have poured some concrete down, but then decide they want something else instead. Stamped overlays are quite thin, but since they depend on already having some concrete laid down in the traditional sense, that normally doesn’t matter. The decoration is produced by pouring the thin layer of concrete and then stamping it with the pattern that is wanted. Stamped overlays are popular because they are much less expensive than the real deal, if someone wanted a wall of decorative brick or stone – simply pour some concrete and stamp it, and you have the decoration you want.

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