DIY Menu Board

April 5, 2013

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DIY menu board

Last night I started working on decorating my new kitchen. It's a rental so I'm limited with what I can do in the space.

The kitchen is a typical rental kitchen. Builder grade oak cabinets. Beige and white everything else.

rental kitchenrental kitchen 2

I can't make any kid of major changes like painting the cabinets or the walls so I have to find more creative ways.

Decorating a Rental Kitchen

The first project on the list is a menu board. It will bring some color into the room and help with making and sticking to a meal plan. I wanted something reusable as well.

I started with a unfinished picture frame from Michael's I bought for $8.99. I chose a frame with plastic instead of glass because it weighed less. I also removed the leg from the back of the frame since I would be hanging it.

unfinished picture framecraft smart paint

I painted the entire frame including the inside and outside edges with black Craft Smart paint (on sale at Michaels, 5 for $2)!

I used American Gloss Enamel Stick-On Stencils/Curly Alphabet to stencil the letters. To make the letters even, I drew a midline in pencil on the frame and places the letters e and n touching he midline then added m and u directly against the other letters.


I painted the letters with a Craft Smart turquoise. It took 2 coats. I let it dry completely then removed the stickers.

Inside the frame I put a piece of pick scrapbook paper and used thumb tacks to attack a ribbon to the back.

menu board complete

Now I will be able to write on the board with dry erase marker and it will come right off.





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Brittany April 5, 2013 at 11:42 am

How cute is that?! I wanna make one!

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