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September 13, 2013

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fat free entertaining

Entertaining is a big responsibility. Party hosts welcoming guests into their homes must prepare their homes for guests and plan a meal as well as any entertainment, while those hosting a night out on the town must find a restaurant that's conveniently located and offers a menu that's versatile enough to cater to guests who adhere to various diets.

When hosting at home, catering to guests' dietary needs rests entirely on hosts' shoulders. This may entail preparing vegetarian meals for your guests who do not eat meat or serving low-sodium fare for those with certain medical conditions. Some hosts like to go the extra mile when cooking for their guests, preparing healthy meals even when guests don't make such requests. Trimming fat is a great way to serve a healthy spread to your guests, and there are many ways you can cut fat from some of your favorite foods without sacrificing taste.

* Banish the butter. Sandwiches are popular and convenient options when having a less formal affair, such as those when you're hosting friends for the big game. Though it's common to butter sandwich bread before piling on the deli meats and other fixings, leaving the butter behind is an easy way to trim some fat from your favorite sandwiches without greatly affecting taste. Let guests butter their own sandwiches if they so prefer. The same principle can be applied to mayonnaise, which can add lots of fat to a sandwich. Prepare sandwiches sans mayo, allowing guests to add their own spreads if they want to.

* Cook with skim milk. Many recipes call for a dash or two of milk, and health-conscious hosts can look out for their guests by cooking with skim or even low-fat milk instead of whole milk. Continue the low-fat or fat-free milk theme after dinner when serving coffee. Instead of offering whole milk or heavy cream when serving coffee after dinner, offer low-fat or skim milk instead.

* Physically remove fat from some foods. Perhaps the easiest way to cut fat from foods you will serve to your guests is to actually trim the fat from beef, pork or chicken before cooking. When hosting a backyard barbecue, trim fat from steaks, chops and chicken breasts before putting them on the grill. While some people love the taste of some grizzled fat with their barbecue, such an indulgence is very unhealthy.

* Serve egg whites for breakfast. When hosting friends or family members overnight, avoid starting the day off with fatty fare by serving up egg whites for breakfast. Unlike eggs, egg whites contain no fat and no cholesterol but are still flavorful. And egg whites have become increasingly popular, so chances are your guests already opt for egg whites when making their own breakfasts at home. Another way to trim some fat from the most important meal of the day is to offer low-fat butter and cream cheese when serving bagels, muffins and toast. Low-fat or fat-free spreads tend to be just as flavorful as their less healthy alternatives.

* Serve whole grains. When hosting a dinner party at home, opt for whole grains whenever possible. If serving a pasta dish, choose whole grain pastas instead of traditional white pastas. Whole grain pastas tend to have fewer calories, and their fats are healthier fats. Whole grain pastas tend be less filling as well, so your guests likely won't be feeling bloated and uncomfortable after eating.

When hosting a party at home, hosts can prepare healthier fare by limiting fat content in the foods they serve.

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Chasing Joy September 13, 2013 at 2:52 pm

These are really great tips. I like when a host provides a nice mix of healthy options and splurge options. Like a healthier meal when the dessert is more decadent.
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