Fathers, Chickens, and Lessons in Happiness

June 14, 2012

in Lifestyle

I am admitting, in public, and in print, that I had a pretty darn good childhood. I mean if you like the sort of childhood where your parent love you and care about you and support you and feed you and stuff like that.

My dad has taught me a lot of things through the years. Loop swoop and pull. Don't pick your nose.If you slam the bedroom door one more time he actually WILL take it off the hinges. Books read in the character's voices are much better.

We have suffered together through Chynna Phillips, Garth Brooks, and we know all the words to I Love a Rainy Night by Eddie Rabbit.

The most important lesson I learned form my dad is one I think that we can all benefit from.

A happy chicken is a tasty chicken.

When I was younger my dad would dance around the kitchen with a whole raw chicken. The chicken danced too. How I wish I had a video. This one will have to suffice.

My dad is just as awesome as dancing chickens.