First Summer Camp

June 9, 2012

in Confessions

Yesterday I dropped Big Brother off at his first overnight summer camp. He is about an hour and a half away at a state park camping with his karate group. He is just barely 7 and I think the youngest one doing the overnight camp.

I helped get him set up in his tent. He was excited to be there!

He is in a tent with 4 other boys. They named their tent Fort Tong Soo, which is the style of karate he takes.

Then they got right down to business and started training.

They are going to have so much fun. They have water gun fights planned. Smores. Camp fires.Swimming.  And of course, tons and tons of crazy boys.

I was so worried that Big Brother would cry or be scared. So far no one has called me. I don't pick him up until tomorrow.

I guess what I really should ask myself is am I worried that he won't be ok, or that he will be?

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