Free Speech or Hate Speech at the University of Oklahoma

March 10, 2015

in Confessions

Since I am an alumni of the University of Oklahoma, I have been asked my opinion quite a bit lately about the recent video of fraternity members making racist comments.

While I do not agree at all with what was said, I believe those students have a right to express their opinion.

I think the overlying issue with the post by the frat is that it could be construed at the opinions of the University and not just those specific students. Having attended the University I know that it is a place of learning first and foremost. It is a place where all are welcome to further their education.

I think that the best course of action would be to handle the infraction according to the fraternity morality policy and the University should issue a statement saying that the opinions of those students do not reflect the opinions of the University and that the University does not condone or promote that thyme of behavior.

The follow up comments that are just as racist and hateful are also, in my opinion, covered by our right to free speech. However, I do not agree with adding to the problem by participating in the exact same behavior you condone.

Every person has a right to express their opinions publicly, even if those opinions are not nice. And each and every person who chooses to express their opinions should be prepared to accept the consequences, positive or negative, for their words.

My opinion of the University of Oklahoma has not changed. I do not believe that one or two express the opinions of the majority nor do they speak for the entity that is the University or the student body. Those students speak only for themselves.

I find it sad that the actions of a few are having such widespread consequences for the rest.


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