Fun things to do with kids when it is too darn hot outside

June 2, 2017

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Summer vacation can be a blissful time for kids — free of school and homework, and full of fun activities like swimming, playing at the park and riding bikes. But there are times when the sun is beating down extra hard and it is just too hot to go outside. On those days when the weather is keeping the kiddos indoors, it doesn’t mean an excuse to watch TV for hours on end or stare at a phone or tablet screen. When the mercury is rising, consider the following fun activities:

Go see a play or musical

If your kids are always singing or acting out scenes in your living room, and/or if they have expressed a desire to go to a play, look up your local community theater and take them to a kid-friendly performance. If your city has a children’s theater that is a great place to start, as the play or musical will be filled with actors their age and will also be family friendly. Or, if you are feeling especially adventurous and live in or close to New York City, you can take the kiddos to the Big Apple for a weekend and check out a play or musical on Broadway. Tip: Discount tickets are easy to find, if you know where to look. So skip the box office line and order the tickets ahead of time from the comfort of home or your hotel room.

Make a huge fort

As Calgary’s Child notes, kids love to build forts. Move the coffee table to the side and let your kiddos take all of the cushions off of the couch — and let them keep the coins they find underneath — and the rest of the chairs in the living or family room. To add to the fun, give your kids some empty boxes that you have on hand and then give them extra pillows and some sheets and watch as they work together to build an amazing indoor fortress. If you want, let them bring in their sleeping bags and have a slumber party that night inside their pillow-formed building.

Create an indoor hopscotch game

It’s a Lovely Life has a great printable list of 30 fun indoor activities to do with kids, including making an indoor hopscotch game. Take masking tape and create a hopscotch grid on your carpet or floor and then let your hopscotch-loving kids have a great time playing one of their fave playground games indoors. As a side note, if your little ones love playing with toy cars, you can also use the tape to create roads for their Hot Wheels or Tonka Trucks, or if you are okay with having them bring their scooters and tricycles indoors, you can tape lines around the house that they can ride on.

Channel their inner baker

If you don’t mind turning on the oven and heating up the kitchen a bit, baking cookies is a great way to pass the time on a hot day. Or, try some of the seven no-bake cookie recipes from the Real Simple site. Get the kids involved by letting them take turns measuring an ingredient and stirring.

Organize an indoor scavenger hunt

Kids usually love searching for hidden items. Set up an indoor scavenger hunt and have them look for a number of things throughout the house. For younger kids, you can sneak in a little learning by making it a numbers and letters hunt and hiding paper or foam letters and numbers throughout the home for them to find and match to their list.


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