Gentlemen, Listen Up: 5 Tips for Keeping Your New Place Both Classy and Masculine

January 14, 2014

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With those first few professional paychecks accumulating in your bank, you can actually afford to decorate your apartment with more than just Scarface movie posters and empty bottle homages to alcohol. There’s no rush to settle down, and no need to consult your partner with every crazy design idea that runs through your mind. This new bachelor pad is all about you. If home design isn’t as intuitive, or you just need a little guidance navigating this new rite of passage, these five tips can lay the foundation for the ultimate man cave:

1. Bar Stools > Chairs

Let’s face it: as a busy bachelor, you’re not going to have very many formal, sit-down meals. If your pad has limited space and you have limited patience, bar stools are a perfect compromise to that dining room table mom keeps trying to push on you. Look for minimalist designs like black seats and stainless steel bases from These versatile layouts are sure to match any decor scheme, while also featuring an adjustable height for repurposing.

2. Subtle Sex Appeal

There’s a fine line between provocative and perverse. Your college bros might have appreciated your Playboy posters, but the girls you bring home probably won’t find them quite as charming. Subtlety in your home design is much higher valued in adulthood, so go for suggestive over creepy. For example, you can hang an abstract nude painting where your naughty posters once were. According to stylist Sibella Court, you definitely want to avoid remote controls that start the fire, close the curtains, and turn the soft music on.

3. A Technological Touch

It’s difficult to adjust to living alone, but it gets a bit easier with the help of modern day gadgets. Biegert & Func. makes a super stylish clock that reads out the time in statements instead of numbers. For example, 11:30 would read as “It’s half past eleven.” Cadac makes an awesome portable BBQ grill that’s perfect for last-minute cookouts or on-the-go festivities. If the WiFi signal in your pad is less than ideal, try Netgear’s Universal Wifi Range Extender for a smooth connection with no buffering necessary.

4. Time for Fun

Just because you’re an adult now doesn’t mean everything has to be 100 percent serious all the time. Be sure to reserve at least one room in the apartment for fun and relaxation. This is where you’ll put your biggest screen TV with the dangerously comfortable recliners. You can’t forget a pool table or a vintage foosball table for some classic entertainment. Oh, and the beer fridge with a door tap is non-negotiable.

5. Cutting Out Clutter

Young bachelors aren’t exactly known for their hygiene habits. But instead of hiring a maid to help you out when you get in over your head, you can set up a neat environment by keeping decor to a minimum. Stick to a few standard colors like black, white and brown to prevent color clutter, and stick with simple woods and metals for furniture additions. Declutter your home by thinking of creative hiding places for unnecessary items. This will create the illusion of greater space and orderliness.

John Romero
John is home energy auditor who helps homeowners improve HVAC efficiency, reduce energy consumption and go green.
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Lindsey Renuard is a blogger, YouTube beauty expert, and the Managing Editor of the Skiatook Journal.

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