He ONLY likes my pancakes

February 28, 2012

in Confessions

Last week we had a wonderfully Spring day right in the middle of February. It actually got pretty warm outside, 75 degrees! When I picked the boy up from school, the both had flushed faces from playing outside.

I thought I would be a cool mommy and take them to QuikTrip, a local gas station and beverage mecca, to get icees. Or is it slushes? Or freezes? Anyway.

As we passed the hot dogs turning on their little hot dog roller cooker thing Little Brother shouts out, "I want a hot dog!"

QuikTrip hotdogs are actually pretty good.

As it WAS dinner time I said fine so all three of us grabbed a hot dog and some chips and went to check out.

The checkout guy looks at me, looks at the jumble of junk food on the counter and says, "Dinner?"

Because I am who I am and I can't let a snarky comment go unanswered I responded with, "Thanks for cooking. I'll do the dishes."

Big Brother looks straight at me and says,"Yeah, I don't like it when you cook except when you make pancakes."

Excuse me.

He then looks at the clerk and says, "My mom makes really good pancakes."

As we walked to the car I asked him if he MEANT to say that he likes it best when I cook pancakes but he still likes other things I cook. He says what he actually meant is that pancakes are the only thing I cook the best.

Do you want to live to see 7 kid?

Maybe I should give up on cooking all together and just feed them whatever happens to be rolling around QuikTrip.