Home Cleanliness Tips for Young Families

February 16, 2017

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Parents don’t need anyone to tell you how hard it is to keep a clean house while your kids are still young—you already know all about it. Sometimes, it may seem like the task is impossible. Don’t give up, though. We’re here to help. Keep reading for some tips on how to keep your house clean even when its default state is chaos.

Sanitize Everything

If someone in your house has been sick, eliminating all traces of germs in your house is imperative. Even if everyone has been healthy lately, you can take steps to try and keep it that way by regularly sanitizing your environment. If you have babies who are formula-fed, then it is imperative to clean their milk bottles and then use a sterilizer to blitz the germs.

Armed with disinfectant spray, bleach, and cotton balls, tackle every place in your house that gets touched frequently—doorknobs, countertops, handles, levers, etc. Make sure that you have a set schedule for washing and drying bedding as well.

Don’t forget about objects that often come into contact with germ hotbeds, like toothbrushes, dishes, and tissue. Throw out the garbage, wash whatever’s reusable, and regularly change out the rest.

Staying Environmentally Sensitive

If eco-friendliness is a priority for you, just remember that vinegar and baking soda can marvelously clean pretty much anything. Also, check to see if your community has a recycling day for toxic and electronic items so that you can make sure they’re safely discarded.

Little things like making sure that shoes are cleaned on a doormat and not worn around the house can also go a long way towards stopping filth before it passes through your door in the first place.

Get Preemptively Organized

Although it takes a little extra effort upfront, organizing your house in a way that anticipates mess can save a lot of time and tears. Color code your files in your cabinet so that you don’t have to squint at the labels, keep items in pocketed wall hangings (and teach your kids to return the items to them), and designate a small space specifically for dropping everyday things.

Reusing items like peg boards, Tic Tac boxes, extra hangers, jars, and plastic bottles can be lifesavers for storage purposes. That way, you can cut down on trash and keep everything straight at the same time.

Your kids can help, too. If you make cleanliness a game for them or come up with a reward system, they may be more inclined to pick up after themselves.

Get Creative

Dare to think outside the box. Rise to the challenge of keeping a clean house and happy children all at once. Let us know if you have any other tips you’d like to share, too.

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