How to Decorate a Rental Kitchen – Part 2

August 5, 2013

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Back in March I gave you some ideas to decorate a rental kitchen and did a bit of decorating myself. I just wasn't completely satisfied though so I kept on looking for ideas.

Find some great placemats and stick them on with non-permanent command tape like this example from Storybrook Woods.

placemat backsplash

Or get a similar look with contact paper like this cute backsplash from Walking with Dancers.

contact paper backsplash

For flooring you can install a floating wood floor directly over your ugly laminate! Just make sure that you get the interlocking type of wood floor so no glue is needed. Then you can just lay the flooring down and skip the final step of gluing it down. As long as you make sure the pieces fit correctly, not having the wood glued down isn't an issue. You will need a saw to cut the wood to the correct sizes. This is a more expensive project as the wood flooring starts at around $3 a square foot.

floating wood floor

Embrace open shelving. I've found all of these cute tutorials on how to update your apartment cabinets, but I have two problems. 1. no knobs to change out. 2. The cabinet fronts aren't flat. My Cabinets…

rental kitchen

Taking off some of the cabinet fronts can give a completely new look.

remove kitchen cabinet doors

Of course it helps if you have cute dishes and the inside of the cabinets looks nice. You could also cover the cabinet insides with contact paper, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, etc.

If you have an enclosed fridge, don't forget the wall space next to it! I love this idea from Under the Table and Dreaming.

kitchen decor

Those cute wall decor stickers don't just have to be used on walls. They also work great on the fridge.

wall decal on fridge

Then finish off your look by finding better ways to display things you know you have to have.

Like stuff for cleaning dishes. Natalme can help with that.

kitchen dish soap cake stand

iHeartOrganizing can help make pantry shelving look and function better.

wire shelving help

Find cute ways to save space like using magazine holders for produce.

magazine holders for produce

What ideas do you have for updating your rental kitchen?

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Carol Hardin August 12, 2013 at 2:19 am

I have a small kitchen and when I found difficult to store things then I had put some of my belongings in self storage unit. But after coming to your blog I have realized that even in a small space we can manage things properly. Now I have installed some shelves and cabinets in my kitchen and really it works well and also save space. But most which I like about your post is the wall decor stickers as I was always searching some ideas for decorating my kitchen. And I found this very creative. Thanks for sharing this with us and helping me a lot.

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