How to Update a Lamp

July 26, 2013

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I had this lamp and it's taller floor lamp twin in my living room, but they were looking a little outdated and worn. I decided to give them a colorful lift. The original lamp shades were a light tan color. I found these black shades at Garden Ridge for $9.99 each.

Here is the lamp before. It is amazing how difficult it is to take a picture of a lamp! The shade is black. The base is an oil rubbed bronze with the clear piece in the center.

Updating this lamp will be very easy and be done quickly. First I used no residue painter's tape to tape off the glass section, the bottom portion of the thing that goes around the lightbulb and holds the shade. Is there a fancy name for that? And part of the cord that was close to the base.


painter's tape on lamp

Then just spray paint. I used a spray paint specifically designed for metal surfaces. Hold the can a few inches away from your lamp or the paint will bubble up. Since I went with such a bright color this did take 2 coats of paint. Don't forget to paint your finial!

updated lamp

And here is the finished project. To update both lamps cost around $25 for new shades and paint supples. Plus I LOVE this pink.

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