September 5, 2013

in Confessions

I can't sleep.


I tried. 

But for some reason my brain has decided I'm a vampire.

My alarm will go off at 6am, a mere 4 hours and 14 minutes from right now. I will roll out of bed, shower, get ready for work, and make it through my entire day just wishing I was back at home in bed.

I will finally make it to bedtime, lay down, and I'm wide awake.

I don't even have a good reason for being awake! I'm not worrying. I'm not planning. I'm not even thinking up good stuff to write, or blog, or even tweet. 

In fact, I mostly just think about really dumb stuff like singing songs stuck in my head or trying to see if I can guess what time it is or how long until the AC kicks back on. 

Insomnia wouldn't be so bad if I was productive. If I could use it's powers for good and not evil. Tonight I could have picked up downstairs. Put away some laundry. Read a book. Made the boys' lunches. Done some kitchen ballet or pushups in the living room. I could have scrubbed bathrooms. Cleaned out the litter box. Organized my pantry.

Instead I laid in bed for 3 hours. I tossed and turned for 2 hours. Then I fixed the sheets because I tossed one corner right out of being tucked in. I checked Facebook. I played a couple games of Bingo Bash. I checked Facebook. I pinned some stuff. I watched a bunch of vines. Mostly about cats.

And now I'm writing a blog post and eating maraschino cherries because I had a filling come out last night and I have to eat soft stuff. They were availble and required no prep.


If I fell asleep right now I would get 4 hours of sleep. Then tomorrow I can repeat this whole process. Exept I ate all the cherries.

It says 30 servings per container with a serving size of 1 cherry. 

maraschino cherries

That should read serving size 30 cherries servings per container 1. That only equals out to 30 calories, 0 from fat, 60g carbs and 30g sugar. And high fructose corn syrup.

No wonder I can't sleep. I will probably die in my sleep from eating an entire jar of cherries.

I wish I could say I was awake trying to solve the world's problems, but I'm really just singing incorrect lyrics to songs and binging on cherries.

What keeps you up at night?

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