JumpStart hits the Big Apple

February 2, 2013

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A couple years ago I told you about JumpStart. Big Brother was enamored with all the different worlds and especially his pet dragon. Click here to read the original review.

Big Brother still plays JumpStart and his favorite is now ScienceWorld. Science and art are his favorite school subjects. He still loves JumpStart for the same reasons he always did. There are a million things to do and he is always discovering a new place to go or learning something new.

Little Brother just started playing JumpStart about 4 months ago. Can you believe he just turned 5 last months? Me neither. The very first place he wanted to go? Madascar. JumpStart now includes  the original Central Park Zoo and underground Penguin Headquarters to include all of Central Park, New York City, Times Square and Coney Island, and Madagascar is its own land!

We love Alex.


We started off in the Penguins underground lair and learned how to create potions to turn other players into animals.

Of course this was hi-lar-i-ous. He giggled every single time he turned another player into an Ostrich or monkey. He giggled even more when HE got turned into an monkey!

 photo iexplore2012-09-2807-03-39-97.png



We also spent a lot of time on the Preschool Surf N Slide. You get to ride on a magic carpet and collect stars. It was challenging, but easy enough for Little Brother to have a lot of success and want to keep trying.

 photo MadSlide02_960x640.jpg


There are so many games to play that are on Little Brother's level.

 photo MadSlide04_960x640.jpg


Big Brother had to get in on the action. Since he wants to be a video game designer when he grows up, his opinion is priceless. He loves all the rides and making new rides with his jumpsuit. He loves the flying helicopter. He loves having challenges from the penguins to complete. It gives him direction in the game. He was explaining to me about the transmorpher. It took me a few minutes to realize this was the monkey machine. Kids love to turn each other into monkeys. Its just fact.

As a parent, I still love Jumpstart for all of the same reasons I loved it before. It is an online environment I don't worry about my children being in because it is safe. They may think they are just playing a fun game, but they are learning. They are learning math, reading, following directions, and imagination.
 They don't need much of my help to play the games. Every now and then Little Brother will need some help to read something or to figure out how to play a game, but that has always been when he has wandered away from the preschool areas.

We have a lifetime membership and JumpStart has been, and will continue to be, a part of my kids childhood I hope they will fondly remember just as I remember Space Invaders.


Make sure to check out the Jumpstart blog. It gives lots of tips, tricks, and ideas. You can also follow them on Facebook for the latest news.

Jumpstart 3D Virtual World

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