June 20, 2013

in Confessions

  • Big Brother: Mom, guess who got out again?
    Me: The Amazing Escaping Samson? (our cat who likes to run out the front door)
    Big Brother: The Mad Catter
  • Little Brother does this thing where he just says, "Mommy! XO!" Kinda melts my heart.
  • Little Brother asked me where I was spawned. I assumes he means born. Either that or my 5 year old thinks I'm a devil.
  • Big Brother decided I should enter Masterchef. I put mini corn dogs on the table for dinner and Little Brother said, "this looks interesting. You get an apron."
  • Odd compliment from Big Brother: "If there was really a zombie apocalypse you would probably die first because you are so smart and they want your brains!" I have about 5 years until he is a teenager and thinks I'm a complete idiot. I'll take it.


silly boys

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Kim Griffin June 20, 2013 at 9:46 am

Those are so funny! I especially love the one about where you were spawned. Ha!

malissa notthebestmommy June 20, 2013 at 10:20 am

All of these were so funny. It's great to have all these "sayings" from the kiddos to give us a good chuckle when we need it. I still remember the funny things my 24yr old said to me when he was little. 🙂

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